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How to move the Fera container to somewhere else in Shopify

By default, Fera displays the container code (social proof feeds, product detail counters, product list counters, cart timers) right below the Add to Cart button. While having the container code display below Add to Cart works for most stores, if your store has a different structure, then this may not be the best place to have it. Luckily you can move the container code to wherever you’d like. To do this just edit your product template file from your Shopify Dashboard as seen below: Find the code snippet{% include 'banana-stand-product-page-container' %} within the correct file and move it up to where you want it. The exact file varies from store to store and depends on your theme. Because of this, you’ll have to browse your file directory (the list of files on the left side) within your theme editor. Some especially common product template file names in Shopify are:
  • sections/product-template.liquid
  • snippets/product-form.liquid
  • templates/product.liquid
  • snippets/product-detail.liquid
  • snippets/product-details.liquid
  • sections/product-page.liquid
  • snippets/short-form.liquid
  • snippets/product-form-inline.liquid
  • snippets/single-product.liquid
  • sections/product.liquid
  • snippets/product.liquid
  • sections/one-product.liquid
  • snippets/product-page-description.liquid
  • snippets/product-page-design-default.liquid
  • snippets/product-page-design-creative.liquid
  • snippets/product-page-form.liquid
  • snippets/product-page-form-mobile.liquid
Just search (Control + F key brings up a search function) your product template(s) for ‘banana’ and you should find the line that includes the Fera container code we mentioned above. Once found you should finally be able to move it where you’d like in the file. Also, don’t forget to refresh your store page and see where the notification moves to.

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