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New Tracking Conditions

Where to find the Social Proof “Do Not Track” Filters

If you click on the settings icon in the top right corner, it will take you to a settings page. Here you can edit the language your notifications are shown in and view your API key. You can also set your timezone and the currency template as well as a custom widget objective. Now you’re also able to block the tracking of social proof for certain countries/visitors, or on certain products. These settings work much like the display conditions seen in the other widgets. You can add a group of rules or individual rules.

What Rules Can I Set?

You are able to set either Shopper or Product Conditions. These allow you to not create (not track) social proof for certain shoppers who have certain characteristics. You can also block social proof for products with certain characteristics. With the rules you create, social proof notifications will not be tracked if the event matches the criteria you set.

What Do Tracking Conditions Do?

These conditions let you tell Fera when you don’t want it to track social proof. So if you only ship and sell to the US, but maybe you still have random shoppers from Germany, Canada and even India. If you don’t want to display social proof from these customers because you don’t want new visitors to be confused and think that they can order from these countries when they cannot, you can set up a rule to exclude social proof events from these countries. You can also use product tags to limit what social proof events are tracked. Say you have customization items but you don’t want them to show as social proof. If you tag these with the word “custom” in Shopify you can use this rule to not track social proof for custom items.

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