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Why am I not seeing social proof notifications on my store?

Are you looking in the right place?

Many people don’t know that Fera only shows social proof notifications on their product pages and only shows them when a relevant action happens. The reason people think this is because there are other apps out there (like Envy or Sales Pop) that show constant popups on the home page and every page about all products. Fera is much more specific and smart about when it shows social proof notifications. It only shows them when they are relevant to the customer. For example, if the customer is thinking about buying a certain product, it shows them social proof notifications about that product. If they haven’t even seen the product yet, it doesn’t bother them about other customers buying that product. This is an important feature of Fera since bothering your customers with unnecessary notifications can actually reduce your sales!

How can I test to see a social proof notification?

To test this on a store, simply go to the store’s product page and add a product to the cart, then go back to the product page. You should see a notification pop up under the Add to Cart button. It should look something like this: You can also use the preview button within the widget to test how it appears on your site.

Did You Use the Change Location Selector?

Sometimes the widget doesn’t like the spot you’ve chosen to display. Simply go to the “Location” tab and select the “Change Location” button. This will pop up a screen explaining how to choose the location on your site. Try moving the location on your site to get the widget to work.

Still don’t see the social proof notifications?

If you’re still not seeing the social proof notifications it could be because of a java-script issue in your store. Contact our support team and we’ll try to help you figure it out.

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