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Product Data Object Schema

This is the schema for the Product data object.

Product Schema

  "id":                   "product-123", // String
  "name":                 "Product 123", // String
  "status":               "complete", // (Optional) String
  "created_at":  "2019-03-18T21:01:10+00:00", // (Optional) String (ISO 8601 format DateTime) 
  "modified_at": "2019-03-18T21:01:10+00:00", // (Optional) String (ISO 8601 format DateTime) 
  "stock":                123, // (Optional) Integer, If null assumed to be infinite.
  "in_stock":             true, // (Optional) Boolean
  "url":                  "https://www.example.com/products/product-123", // String
  "thumbnail_url":        "https://cdn.example.com/products/product-123/image.png", // String
  "needs_shipping":       true, // (Optional) Boolean
  "hidden":               false, // (Optional) Boolean
  "variants": [Variant], // (Optional) Array<Variant>: Variants that are applicable to this product.
  "platform_data":        { "any": "data" } // (Optional) Hash/Object of attributes to store about the product specific to the integration platform (can be used in future filters)

Variant Schema

  "id":            "product-123-variation1", // String
  "name":          "Product 123 - Variation 1",
  "stock":         10, // (Optional) Integer, String: Only used if stock is not specified by parent product schema.
  "in_stock":      true, // (Optional) String, Boolean
  "thumbnail_url": "https://cdn.example.com/products/product-123/variation1/image.png", // (Optional) String

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