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What are Product Detail Counters?

What are Product Detail Counters?

Product Detail Counters show how many people are currently viewing a product, how many people purchased said product, how many added said products to their carts, and warnings when the stock is below a certain threshold. product detail example product image

Why are Product Detail Counters used?

The Product Detail widget is used to increase sales and social validation. They are a way of displaying customer activity to other potential buyers. By displaying such information you can show site visitors that certain items are popular. This drives sales because people don’t want to miss out so they’ll purchase items if they see they’re going quickly or that lots of other people are interested in it.  

What do they look like?

Product Detail Counters can display viewer counts, and/or purchases, and/or add-to-cart events. They can also be enabled to display inventory levels. Typically they show a default message like “Limited Stock 🔥” on most items. But if the item’s stock falls below the set level (say 10) then the default message changes to display “Only x left! 🔥” where X is the actual number of stock below 10.

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