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What are they?

The Low Stock + Viewer Counter in Product Detail widget allows you to show the following in your product view/detail pages:
  1. Low stock messages when stock is below a certain threshold (which you can set). If you’re not managing stock for your store Fera will show a default stock message (which you can also customize).
  2. The # of people looking at the product, with it in their cart or that recently purchased it. You can modify the thresholds at which Fera shows these counts.
These appear in your Product View pages (or Product Detail pages). You can add similar messaging in your product list/grid pages by creating Low Stock + Viewer Counter in Product Detail.

Why are they valuable?

1. Value of Low Stock Messaging

Showing low stock increases the likelihood that someone will check out because they feel a sense of urgency to buy in order not to miss out and have you run out of stock. This is a lot like seeing only one more shirt on the rack at the store.

2. Value of Current Viewer Counts

Showing the current number of viewers shows social proof that other customers are also interested in the same product. This is a lot like seeing people with the items in real life.

3. Value of Recent Purchasers and Number of People With It In Their Cart

Showing the number of purchasers and people with it in their cart show social proof and urgency in one, since customers feel better about not the only person buying the product. The combination of the counters and the limited stock messaging also has a very positive effect on your conversion rate since customers feel like the stock may run out soon, and other people are thinking of checking out. Stock could run out any minute!

How do I add them to my site?

Create a Product Detail Counter from the Fera interface and ensure that Fera is properly integrated into your product view pages. You can click on the “+ Add Widget” button and find the one highlighted below to add a new one, or you can edit one that you currently have running on your store. Once editing you can customize the message your customers will see, enable it on only certain pages, or exclude it from certain pages, boost viewership counts, and change the lookback period. If you need more details on how to set or change the lookback period check out the blog post about lookbacks here. Product Detail Counter   *If you’re unsure whether the integration was successful and you’re not seeing anything in your product view pages then please contact our support system and one of our team members will be happy to help you out!

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