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What are product list counters?

The Product List Counters display low stock warnings and show the number of people currently looking at the product. The notifications appear on your product list/category/grid/collection/etc pages. This is used to create urgency and social proof on your online business. The image above shows you an example of how this might appear on your store.

How do they work?

The Product List Counter(s) will only show if:
  • there is at least 1 other person viewing the product, OR
  • the current stock levels for the product are within the set low stock threshold

Why are they useful for merchants?

The purpose of the Product List Counter widget is to add urgency and social proof to your products. Customers see that other customers are looking at a certain product in your collection, and then they are much more likely to check out the products. Stock levels add urgency to products as customers see there is only 1 left and 3 other people are viewing the products. If they want the product as well they may hurry to order it before someone else does and they miss their opportunity! Also, if they notice it is low in stock, they may be more likely to check the product out to avoid missing out on the item!

How can I add some to my store?

  1. Make sure that Fera is properly integrated into your product list/grid/collection/etc. pages. Our support team can help with this if you need it.
  2. Navigate to Widgets → Add Widget  → Product List Counters section and create a new widget or edit an existing widget.
  3. Once created you can customize how the notifications will appear on your site, from colour, text style and size, etc.
  Product List Counter

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