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Ruby Gem (Software Development Kit)

The Ruby Gem we provide and support makes it easy for you to interface with our API or integrate into your custom system if you’re using it as your primary language.

Installation of Ruby Gem

Add gem 'bananastand' to your gemfile (and choose a version so it does not change in your environments).

That’s it!


Setup client

client = BananaStand::Client.new(public_key, secret_key) # Replace with your keys

Fetch events

events = client.events # Get the first page of events (default sorting is most recently updated first)

Delete an Event


Find event by ID


Get HTML Content for a Product

html = client.product_page_html(event.product_id);

Push view event for that product for customer 123

client.push_view_event(event.product_id, nil, 123);

Github Rep

If you want to contribute or fork work on the Fera gem, then you can do so at the github repo.


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