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Show Free Shipping Top Bar Skill

How does it work?

Offering free shipping is a great way to gain repeat customers. With the Free Shipping Promo Top Bar Skill, you can advertise your free shipping promotion to shoppers in an unobtrusive and intelligent way. With defaults like waiting 60 seconds before displaying to a shopper, this shipping top bar is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Free Shipping Top Bar skill showing in store

Why Should I Use This Skill?

Most free shipping promo bars for ecommerce stores display all the time (even before the shopper has started looking at products). With this skill, you can configure what to show to shoppers using specific conditions.

How can I Add This to my Store?

As a pre-built skill, you can easily add the Free Shipping Top Bar from the Skills section in your Fera account:

1. From within the fera.ai app, navigate to the Skills page. Click the button in the top right hand corner of your screen.

2. From the list of amazing skills that fera.ai offers, locate the “Free Shipping Promo Top Bar” skill, and click the Choose Skill button.

3. When this has been selected, the Skills’ progress box will appear. You’ll notice that there are already Triggers & Conditions defaulted for how this Skill will appear:

Triggers and conditions

You can update these Triggers & Conditions however you see fit, including deleting the existing conditions, or adding as many as you need.

Note: Remember all your Skills can be updated and/or modified at any point, so if you aren’t quite sure yet how you want this Skill to appear, you aren’t stuck with your choices!

4. Navigate to the Behavior tab, where you can add in a minimum amount of money needed in the shopping cart in order for the shopper to qualify for free shipping.

Also on this tab:
  • Rounding Threshold: If the number left to spend by the shopper is greater than the number you list here, Fera will round the amount left to spend to nearest whole number.
      Example: If this number is set to 10, but the shopper needs to spend an additional $15.36 to qualify for free shipping, Fera will display “Spend $16 more to get free shipping!”
      However, if the number is less than the set number (in this case, 10), Fera will display the full amount. So the shopper would see “Spend $7.32 more to get free shipping!”

  • Show Message After Free Shipping Threshold Reached?: Choose whether the top bar will be hidden by a shopper so that they don’t feel annoyed or bothered.
  • Show State/Province/Region?: Choose to show the shoppers’ specific geographic location.

    Note: If you do not ship to all locations but wish to enable this option, add a condition show this bar in only specific regions.

  • 5. The Content tab allows for you customize your message to your shoppers:

    Editing the text of the skill

    6. Design tab is where you can choose the bar design that best suits your stores’ theme. Choose from the Pre-designed Themes, or click on the Design Options tab to customize the look.

    7. This Skill can be customized as much or as little as you wish, using the different tabs along the left side of the screen. View your updates by clicking the Save and Preview Button button at the bottom of your screen.

    Note: You will need to Preview before you can continue to your next steps.

    8. Once you are happy with all your settings, click the Continue button to Launch your skill!
    Note: you can also choose to Launch Later.

    Thats it! Enjoy your new skill.

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