How do they work?

Social Proof Feeds display in the product page about a certain product when other customers are doing things related to the product.

What kind can Social Proof Feeds show?

Social Proof Feeds today will show:
  1. When other customers place orders for the current product.
  2. When a visitor starts checking out with a product
These are configurable when you are creating your social proof feed. In the future, we will also allow for social proof of other events to show, such as:
  • when customers review the product
  • when an influencer mentions the product
  • etc

Why should you use them?

Social Proof Feeds add social proof to your store and make it more likely for a customer to buy the product. It would be like being in a retail store and seeing other people looking at items, checking out at the counter, or when products are gone from the shelves. It helps create those same feelings-just in an online sense!

How can I add some to my store?

Simple! Add a Social Proof Feed from the Widgets section in your Fera account and customize how you want it to appear and behave. Make sure your store’s product details page is properly integrated with Fera. If you need help with integration please contact our support team.

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