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What is a Social Proof Popup?

What are the Social Proof Popups?

Social Proof Popups allow you to easily add notifications anywhere on your website that shows up whenever any shoppers perform actions like buying a product or adding a product to their cart. These are different than the Social Proof Feed notifications because they show up on all pages of your site. The Social Proof Feed notifications only appear on the product page, and they are defaulted to embed into the page unless you set them to popup instead. social proof pop-ups for online stores

What’s the point of Social Proof Popups and why use them?

A lot of customers tend to notice these popups more, especially when they are browsing your site. This helps to show the popularity of your site, as well as actual proof that there are customers on your site buying things. Fera doesn’t allow you to create fake social proof, it only uses actual events from your store, which means your customers are more likely to trust you. This creates the same feeling you get in a brick and mortar store where you can see what customers are doing and buying, and what is popular.

How do Social Proof Popups work on my site?

Social Proof for Fera is defined by 2 events: add to cart events or purchase events. That means that you can decide whether to show notifications anytime someone adds an item to the cart, or purchases an item; or both. Within the Widget editor in the Fera.ai app, you have the ability to change these settings to include only purchase notifications, add to cart notifications or both. You can also set a lookback period that tells the system how far to check back for these events. By default, it is 24 hours for purchases and 3 hours for add to carts.

Settings for Social Proof Popups

Fera allows you to customize all aspects of the Social Proof popup notifications. You can change the colour, add a border, show the product image or the buyer’s image and so much more. You can also set different behaviours for the notifications. This includes the max # of notifications to show per page load, the animation of the popup, and if there is a delay before or between the notifications. These behaviours and designs allow you to customize the notifications to your own site and brand.

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