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The Difference Between Timer Skills

It’s Time to talk timers!

Fera.ai has a variety of Timer skills to choose from, but choosing the right skill for your objective can be tough. Don’t worry- we’ve got you covered! Here is a quick breakdown of the different between the timer skills:

Get it By Timer

This skill will show shoppers a countdown timer that counts the time left to buy a product in order to get it by the soonest delivery date. You can configure the skill to define approximately how long it will take for the item to arrive based on shipping locations, including city, state/province/region and country.

Product Sale Countdown Timer

When this skill is enabled, your shoppers will see a countdown timer that shows how long your shoppers have before the sale ends. You are empowered to customize the sale text along, and by default the timer shows below your add to cart button on your product page(s).

Countdown Promo Bar

This skill displays a promotional countdown timer at the top of the site, and the timer settings can be set to be either relative (5 minutes from the first shopper interaction) or a fixed date (ie ‘count down until March 30th’). This skill can be configured with optional discount code and links.

Show Timer in Cart/Checkout

When added, this skill shows a timer in the cart (and checkout*) that encourages the shopper to complete their checkout with the specified amount of time. If the shopper changes their shopping cart items (adding another product, etc), then the timer is reset by default.

* This option is not available for Shopify

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