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How to Customize the Timer Templates

Within our interface you have the ability to customize how timers display for a specific campaign. Therefore this guide will help you with understanding how to format the template. This template affects the Get it By Timer Widget, Cart Timer Widget and the Promo Bar Widget in the Fera.ai App. To see if it works check the preview on the widget after you make any changes! For more information check out this guide on Get it By Timers the Cart Timer, and the Promo Bar. For help with troubleshooting you can read the help article explaining why the timers may not be showing on your own store here.  

Example Timer Templates

Timer Template Example Result
[[%HOURS% hour[h*s] ]]%MINUTES% minute[m*s] %SECONDS% second[s*s] 1 hour 12 minutes 5 seconds
[[%HOURS% hour[h*s] ]]%MINUTES% min %SECONDS% sec 3 hours 1 min 2 sec
[[%HOURS%:]]%MINUTES%:%SECONDS% 3:23:4
You can check out products on Amazon to get some inspiration on how the timers appear and to see how they use them to create urgency!

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