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Using a Countdown Timer to Boost Sales

There are a ton of different ways to create urgency online; from setting promotion bars to end at certain dates, or adding a low-stock level counter, or even by showing how many other potential buyers are viewing an item. But one easy way to implement the idea is a timer. Countdown timers are a clear and direct way to show customers that if they want a product, they have a specific timeframe in which they can get it.

How can I use timers?

Timers work psychologically because a counting down timer is adding urgency in a customer’s mind. Time is running out and as such, it becomes an important factor in their decision to buy. To create a countdown that makes sense you need to display information alongside the timer. Like whether a sale or promotion ends soon, they only have a few hours left to order to get their product delivered tomorrow, or even that they have limited time to keep their items in their cart. Fera displays timers in the Promo Bar, Cart Timer and Product Detail widgets. They’re placed in their spots because it’s usually where a customer will be making a purchase or consider making a purchase as they browse through items. You’ve probably seen Amazon use the same concept. They place “Get it by” timers in their product pages. These let you know how much time you have left to order by a certain date. Timers on events, sales or exclusive items add scarcity to the urgency. When the timer is up the products are gone. And that means you maybe can’t get them (ever?) again. Letting you know when you can expect an item also helps around holidays and big events. For people planning for Christmas, or Mother’s Day, or for a vacation you’re planning you know that items you need have to arrive before the date. So seeing these timers and knowing how much time you have to order can also be really helpful for these situations.

A Countdown Timer Will Deliver Results

Timers will deliver results, but you need to keep a few things in mind. You need to be honest and not use fake deadlines to boost sales. You don’t want to scare shoppers away. This also means you shouldn’t overdo it. Too much and customers start to lose their trust for you. You need to consider providing useful and helpful information to your customers, otherwise they aren’t going to care or think the timer is relevant to them at all, or even real.

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