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Variant Inventory Versus Product Inventory

What is Inventory?

Inventory is the quantity of a particular product that is available for sale.

What is a Product Variant?

A variant is a single product with some sort of difference. For example, if your store sold T-Shirts your variations could be colours like yellow, red & blue. Variants can also be sizes like small, medium, large. Shopify’s inventory is usually separate for each variant. However, you can download an App called SimpleSync that will let you keep inventory in sync across all variants of a product. To use it you need to give each variant of product you want to sync the same SKU. Using product variants lets you treat the small, medium and large variations of a T-shirt as one product rather than having to treat them as 3 separate products. *Learn more through the Shopify Resources Pages about Product Variants

How Does Fera Handle Inventory?

Fera Stand has the option to show notifications based on inventory levels. This can be seen in the Low Stock + Viewer Counter in Product Detail where you can show “Limited Stock” messages when inventory is below a certain threshold. The Low Stock + Viewer Counter in Product Detail also uses inventory levels to display urgency messages like “Only 1 left! 🔥”. Fera calculates inventory based on the sum of all variant stocks. So let’s say you sell bananas and your variants are that they come in yellow, black and orange. Now because your product is so popular you’ve only got 2 orange and 3 black bananas, as well as 1 yellow banana variation left. This means the stock will show as 6 left on the product itself. Customers will see the “Only 6 left” message, even if there’s only 1 yellow banana variation left in stock. Fera notifications from the Low Stock + Viewer Counter in Product Detail and Low Stock + Viewer Counter in Product List won’t show when a product is out of stock and cannot be purchased by a customer. It isn’t reasonable to as there is no sense in increasing urgency on products customers cannot buy.

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