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What does a cart timer do?

Sometimes a shopper just needs a little push; a little reminder that they need to check out now to avoid losing their items. Cart Timers can be used to reduce abandonment and increase conversions. They’re used to let people know how much time they have left to buy something before their items can no longer be reserved.

What do these Timer(s) do?

Cart Timers display a countdown timer in a bar below the shopping cart title. It indicates to users how long the items in the cart are reserved for. This tactic can be used to increase for conversions as it adds the little nudge that some customers may need to make a purchase.

Cart Timer Notification Example

What can you do with a Cart Timer?

You can customize cart timers to fit your theme. Whether you change the red colour to match your layout and colour scheme better or add a border or even change the positioning of where the bar appears. You can make the timer unique to your site and allow it to draw people’s attention.

Where do I display the Cart Timer?

You can display this in your Cart page, as well as in any sidebars or other plugins you have installed. Say you have a widget that pops up a sidebar with all your cart items in it, you can add a counter there before people even reach their own cart page to increase urgency from the moment they’re adding items to their carts. Read this article to find out if you should be using Cart Timers on your eCommerce store.

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