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What is a Promo Bar?

What is a Promo Bar?

A Promo bar is a feature that lets you show promotions on your eCommerce website. Promo bars are usually at the top of all of your pages. They allow you to display information about promotions, sales, discounts, free shipping and more. Some even let you include a countdown timer to let customers know how much time they have to get a deal!

What is a promotion?

A promotion refers to any type of marketing communication used to inform or persuade target audiences of the relative merits of a product, service, brand or issue.

How Can I include a Promo Bar on my site?

A lot of apps are out there that let you display sales bars, countdown bars or promotion bars on your eCommerce site for whatever platform you use. At Fera, we just introduced our new Promo Bar Widget. It lets you customize discounts, a percentage or amount discount and other sales, alongside a timer letting customers know how much time is left until the deal is gone! Above is an example of how you can create a promo bar for your site. Many sites will do this before a big sale or holiday. These bars can be great for creating urgency before a holiday like Halloween, Christmas, Easter; or before events like Cyber Monday or Black Friday. They can also be used at certain times of year, like if you’re offering Spring sales, or Mother’s Day specials.

What’s the point of a promotion bar?

The idea is that you’re creating urgency on your site. You’re letting your customers know they can get in on a deal, but they only have a certain amount of time. Seeing the countdown timer until the sale ends can be a big push to get customers to buy. Add this with a Get it By Timer like you see on Amazon and customers buy now to get a deal, and to make sure it’s ordered before the actual holiday or event so they can receive it beforehand.

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