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So…What exactly IS Fera.ai?

Shopping in-store experience Picture this- you’re in a clothing store, looking for that perfect graphic tee to wear to work on casual Fridays. You go into ClothingStore, and head towards the t-shirts. You pick out your size in the most hilarious shirt you can find. At that exact same time, another shopper looks over and sees the shirt, chuckles and grabs one for themselves. In that moment, you have just been validated in your choice- and with another shopper there also buying the shirt, there is now more of a sense of urgency to buy it. (What if they run out?! How will you be the office comedian without it?)   Online purchase without sense of urgencyAccording to statista.com, it’s estimated that in 2017, 1.66 billion people around the world made purchases for goods online. That’s a lot of people who just aren’t going into stores, and that’s a lot of people who you can reach by simply providing the right online experience. However, with this global shift towards purchasing online, shoppers just aren’t feeling that element of social validation and urgency. They aren’t surrounded by their peers, and they can’t physically touch a product, or see that there are only so many of that item left. The urgency and social component just doesn’t translate to the online realm. That is, until now….

Enter Fera.ai!

Fera Skill- Product Detail Counter Low Stock Fera.ai is an easy-to-use app that you can add to your BigCommerce or Shopify store that allows you to add widgets into your shop that enhance your customers’ experience. Think of it as your own AI salesperson! Whether it’s letting your shoppers know when their order will arrive, warning them about low stock or even remembering their size for the next time they look at the same (or similar) product, Fera.ai comes loaded with lots of amazing widgets to choose from.
Try it today to see your conversions sky rocket!


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