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Why Should I Run an A-B Test?

The importance of running an A-B test

If you don’t know what it is-read more about what an A-B test is here.

A-B Testing allows you to utilize your traffic. It lets you collect data from your visitors and harness it to create a better user experience. You’ll be able to meet your goals and drive better conversions from your traffic. The cost of trying to acquire paid traffic is huge, but to increase the cost of conversions is minimal. The return on investment (ROI) of A-B testing can be huge, because even minor little changes like the colour of a button can result in significant increases in leads and conversions.

Running an A-B test allows your team to make careful changes to the experiences their users have and collect data on those. Those results can allow for construction of hypotheses on what impacts the user experience. You’re able to better understand why certain elements of the expiernce impact your users’ behaviour(s). You can prove yourself right or wrong and see what changes are helping you out

ab testing growth chart

By testing one change at a time you’re able to pinpoint exactly which one had an effect on the behaviour of your visitors. Over time, these changes can combine to improve the experience overall and improve your conversions.

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