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Will Fera work with my currency?

What currency does Fera use?

At Fera we operate entirely with USD (United States Dollar), no matter where your business is located.

Why do we use USD?

We use USD because it is what Shopify bills in. It’s a pretty standard bank measurement and it allows us to do all of our business is USD. It’s fairly easy to convert any amount into USD and bill in that, which is why we chose it.

Billing through apps

We do most of our billing through the platform that our app has been downloaded from. So if issues ever arise the platform is the one that handles the concerns. They would reach out to us and we’d be able to authorize and/or decline refunds/credits.

Installing and Uninstalling

You can install and uninstall as you’d like. Everyone gets 30 days of free trial. If you exceed this and still have not gained money from the app you remain on the free plan. If you have any issues with uninstalling feel free to reach out to our team. You can also follow this handy guide for Shopify or this one for BigCommerce.

You are able to cancel at anytime. You are not required to sign a fixed-term contract. Cancellation costs nothing if you’re a free app. If you cancel a subscription by deleting the app, then you will not be billed in future bills. The app store (like Shopify) would charge a certain percentage of use of the app that month and charge that instead of the full 30 day month period of use.

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