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When will I have to pay for Fera (Shopify)?

Do I have to pay for Fera?

Fera is free to all merchants for 30 days when it is first installed. There are no limits on this and no requirements to receive a 30-day free trial, simply install the app. The app will comb through your store data and determine some settings and skills to use. While doing this, it is also adding your prior sales data to the app. This allows the app to compare your store to similar stores. By doing this it can determine approximate monthly revenue, and what it estimates it will add in gained revenue each month.

Authorizing payment

You may need to authorize a payment on initial install of Fera. This will bucket you into the plans Fera has for merchants. That way there are no surprises when your bill arrives through Shopify.


If you are on a Fera subscription plan you will be charged monthly on the billing cycle. This is all done through Shopify and you can see this on your bill on how much you would pay. There is also a ‘Billing’ header under ‘Store Settings’ in the Fera sidebar. This keeps you updated on your plan and will let you know what plan you’re on should you exceed either the 30 day free trial.


If you decided Fera isn’t right for you or you’re shutting down shop then you can simply uninstall Fera from your apps list. Then you will no longer pay to use the app (only if you were subscribed to a plan). Uninstalling removes your data from our side and cuts the API connection. If you were in the middle of a billing cycle you would only pay a portion of your monthly subscription (however much you used). This is all calculated through Shopify’s billing systems. If you have issues you can reach out to their billing and then they direct the problem through us and we come to a conclusion that they can then approve and implement.

What are you waiting for? Sign-up for the free 30 day trial and see what Fera can do for your eCommerce store!

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