Countdown Promo Bar

Show a countdown timer top bar with optional discount code and links.
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About This Skill:

Show a configurable countdown timer at the top of the site. You can tell Fera to only display this promo top bar under certain conditions.

The timer settings can be set to be either relative (5 minutes from the first shopper interaction) or a fixed date (ie 'count down until March 30th').

Fixed Date Countdowns

The fixed date countdown option (default setting) allows you to count down to a specific date. This is very effective for seasonal promotions that end at a certain date.

Why Add This Skill?

  • Increase Urgency

Store Sections This Runs:

  • Global

Compatible Platforms:

  • Shopify
  • BigCommerce
  • Custom
  • Magento


  • Timers
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