Show Product Sale Countdown Timer

Display a flash sale timer below the price to encourage cart building with sales urgency.
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About This Skill:

This skill that lets you display a countdown in the product detail page(s) for a product that is on sale to tell shoppers how long they have left to buy the product while it is on sale.

Create Flash Sales!

​ This is useful for flash sales - one-day sales that you can use to learn about your customers' optimal pricing without needing to commit to a specific price or to gain initial customer traction which you can later up-sell through a funnel.

Customize Who Sees The Countdown

You can even use the conditions in the skill to only show the flash sale to new shoppers (who have never purchased before) or for someone who came from a specific ad campaign.

Customize Templates and More

The timer template, the display template and any other design components can be customized to fit your store's brand. The timer can be moved to anywhere on your product page.

Questions About This Skill?

Why Add This Skill?

  • Increase Urgency

Store Sections This Runs:

  • Product Detail

Compatible Platforms:

  • BigCommerce
  • Shopify


  • Timers
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