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The Fera Magento extension allows you to quickly add Fera into any Magento website.

Benefits Over the Default Magento 1 Reviews Functionality

How does Fera compare to the native Magento product reviews functionality? Lots of ways! Here are some of the key differences: 1. Review requests can be automatically sent to your customers after orders are fulfilled. 2. Customers can include photos and videos with their reviews. 3. Customers can receive discounts in exchange for review, photo or video submissions. 4. You can combine reviews from Facebook, Google, Amazon and more to show on your site. 5. You get the opportunity to approve or decline customer reviews, photos and videos before they appear on your site. 6. Fera shows real-customer verification on reviews that are trusted by customers much more and convert more sales. ... and much more! By the way, the Fera Magento 1 extension is Open Source and available on Github from here.


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