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Searching for a Judge.me alternative? 

Don't worry, because we have your back; Fera Product Reviews offers the best value for money because they want to help you improve.

Fera is the best review app for Shopify, with custom widgets that are easy to use and appealing to the eye.

Fera lets you maximize social proof and customer trust without endangering your brand.

Check out the following reasons why fast-growing businesses choose Fera over Judge.me. 

Beautiful, simple reviews for your site

Easily collect, show & grow customer reviews, photos & videos for your business.

Get Features Without Additional Fees

Even though Judge.me offers a lifetime free plan; the options can be pretty limited. 

In order to use video or photo reviews, Judge.me urges you to use one of their paid plans.

Additionally, they will constantly send you notifications and emails to convince you to subscribe to their premium options.

Fera Product Reviews, on the other hand, doesn't try to convince their customers to sign up for their paid plans.

With Fera, you can access video reviews, picture reviews, and testimonials completely for free -- on day one!

This means that even on the free plan, you can see what extra features Fera has to offer and how it can help your business.

From there you can choose whether a paid plan is right for you and your business.

Quick Comparison Reference

Fera ($9/month) Judge.me ($15/month)
Manage Reviews
Photo Reviews
Video Reviews
Reviews & Testimonials (Import)
Facebook/Google Reviews Sync
Shopper Verification 
Product Groups 
Show Reviews
Active Widget(s)
Widget Customization 
Ratings in Search Results 
Grow Reviews
Automatic Review Requests 
Incentives (Discount | Loyalty Points | Cash-back) | ✅ | ✅
Ongoing Review Requests 
Message Customization 
Multi-tier Rewards 
MultiLanguage Support
Live (Chat) Support

Boost Conversion with AI Features

AI Conversion Rate

Fera Product Reviews has various useful widgets and features that can help shoppers quickly find the information they want and, with that, boost your store conversions. 

With Fera's proprietary intelligent technology, you can automate the whole review management process, from review generation to showcasing user-generated content and moderating all your customer reviews.

Save time and enhance your reviews impact with Fera's widgets, automated review moderation, sentiments, review topics.

Judge.me doesn't offer the same type of intelligent design as Fera widgets and, in our opinion, they fall behind when it comes to overall features. 

This is a disadvantage for Judge.me because these features can be really helpful for the customers by making their customer journey easier.


Automatic Content Campaign   Incentive Options

Fera Product Reviews offers three different incentive options, including:

  • Discounts
  • Cash Back! 
  • Loyalty Points (via Integrations)

They are great features and have a big impact on encouraging customers to leave reviews more often.

Judge.me only has one incentive program and that is Coupons. 

Even though this might be enough for some of the customers, there are a lot of new ways that you can reward your everyday customers.

By rewarding them, they will feel a lot more appreciated and valued.

Beautiful, simple reviews for your site

Easily collect, show & grow customer reviews, photos & videos for your business.

Complete Analytics Dashboard

Analytics Dashboard

Your Fera reporting dashboard will give you a clear picture of your entire business for as long as your eCommerce store has been active.

It allows you to track performance metrics, including engagement and sale conversions, all displayed in easy-to-understand graphs.

It's completely customizable, this means you can gain insight into the details that matter to you the most.

For example, you will be able to see the products that have the lowest conversion rate or the top items purchased over a certain period of time.

With Judge.me, advanced reporting is only available on the most expensive subscription tiers—and users can only access data collected within the past 18 months. 

That can make it difficult to see the big picture of your business and compare statistics and analysis.

What Do Customers Say?

Shopify Review Fera Reviews

Lastly, let's see what the customers have to say for both of the review apps.

We have gone through most of the reviews from both Fera and Judge.me and saw what customers think about them.



Judge.me has an average score of 5 ratings by 12,400+ users, even with this amazing rating, there are some changes that they could be making - as said by their customers.

These changes include fixing:
  • The limited options when you're on the free plan
  • Problems with deleting codes from their website and
  • Complaints of customers being spammed by Judge.me

Fera Product Reviews

Fera Product Reviews

Fera Product Reviews has 4.700+ reviews and an average score of 4.9; most of the users have given it a 5-star rating and are really surprised how Fera helps them grow reviews so fast. 

Fera listens to its customers and strives to implement changes. Fera is dedicated and cares for their customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Judge.me Used For?

Showcasing and gathering product reviews/social proof.

Is Judge.me Product Reviews Free?

They have a free option, but there are limitations: limited customization, no incentives, can’t product group. There is no ‘free trial’.

What Are The Pros and Cons of Judge.me?

  • Pros: Unlimited review requests (all plans), Photo and video reviews, review request customization (all plans).
  • Cons: Incentives and branding only available on paid plan, Coupons are the only incentives given.

What Are Judge.me Product Reviews Pricing Plans?

  • Free - Unlimited submissions, photo and video reviews, in-email reviews, SEO snippets, manual social push, and more.
  • Awesome ($15/month) - Site reviews, Q&A forms, coupons, product groupings, cross-shop syndication, Google shopping, and no branding.

Ready To Transfer To Fera?

Switch to Fera Reviews

Brands are transferring from Judge.me to Fera Product Reviews to collect higher-quality content and display it more efficiently across their eCommerce site, Google, and more to boost store conversions.

Fera allows you to easily import existing reviews from Judge.me, and continue your work without losing any time.

Here are all the steps that you will need to follow:

  1.  When you are on your Fera dashboard, you'll want to click on the 'Content' tab.
  2.  Choose 'Reviews'
  3. Then click on the '+ Add' button in the top right corner to import your existing reviews.
  4.  Under the 'Import From' section, choose Judge.me.
  5.  Press the 'Connect Judge.me' button and fill out the information.
  6.  Once you see all of the reviews, press the 'Import All' button in the top right corner.

✔️ Congratulations, you have imported all your reviews from Judge.me!

It's FREE to start - Try Fera Reviews Today!!!

Beautiful, simple reviews for your site

Easily collect, show & grow customer reviews, photos & videos for your business.

It's totally free to create your new account on Fera, and you'll instantly gain access to most of the features.

Boost your brand to the next level with the help of this product review app.

Whether you're looking for video, picture, or text reviews, Fera gives you the flexibility you need to grow faster.

If you have further questions or opinions, you can contact us through our live chat.

Our customer care is always open to any inquiries that you might have.

*All information is based on the Shopify app store listings as of January 2023.

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