Your customers are at the heart of your business, so it’s time to properly thank them!

How to say thank you

Don’t stress too much about the how. Be sincere and show your customers that you care about their business, and that you appreciate them. Don’t ask for reviews, shares or to buy more products in your thank you. Keep it simple. Just say thanks. If you have the time or capacity you can even personalize the thank you with their name or thanking them for the specific items they purchased. A lot of email platforms let you send automated thank yous where you can auto-enter their name and other details. Do some research and find what works best for you. For smaller companies simply sending thank you e-mails or cards manually may work.

Who to say thanks to

Once your company grows it’s going to be nearly impossible to say thank you to every single customer. So maybe figure out how to organize your customers and prioritize who you’d like to thank. Try thanking repeat/return customers. Or maybe you want to say thank you on the customer’s birthday? Maybe you can send holiday specific thank you cards that would go out on one specific day. Use these strategies to cement and create positive relationships with your customers. This should hopefully see them coming back for more.

A few ideas to share the gratitude

Show care for your customers by offering something special. This could be as simple as a hand written thank you card or include a little gift. You could offer something free, or even a sample. You could make little videos of your team saying thanks to your customers. Offer discounts for the next time the customer shops as a thank you, and as a chance to create a repeat customer. You could even have a ‘customer spotlight’ where you highlight a customer on your site or social media platform.

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