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Published by: Jameela Ghann

Increasing your Shopify store's conversion rate is probably top of mind this year! 

The main goal of any enterprise is to constantly continue expansion and growth, which is directly proportional to attracting new clients and keeping them. 

Driving traffic to your website is undoubtedly good, but having those visitors convert is much more important!

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Whether you are simply beginning to devise the right techniques for driving sales or you are noticing that your conversion rate has dropped substantially in the new year, this post will cover how you can increase your conversion rate over the next few months! 

We discuss how you use the following techniques to increase your Shopify conversion rate:

  1. First Time Offers
  2. Offer Free Shipping
  3. Provide Coupon Codes
  4. Use Retargeting Ads
  5. Decrease Cart Abandonment

Make Use of First-time Offers 

Say your visitors are continually increasing; however, your conversion rate is stagnant. 

This signals a serious problem! 

Your stagnant conversion rate may be due to the fact you don’t really know your target market and don’t realize what they're searching for. 

Whatever the cause is, you have to identify it and fix it. 

More often than not, a successful way to fix this problem is with a first-time offer. 

To make your first time offer effective, plan your incentive by conducting surveys to determine what your customers like. 

Use the knowledge of shopper journeys and primary offer timing to really make your offers stand out or coupons to lure clients online. 

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Try Pop-ups

An easy to go about offering a first-time offer is through pop-up ads. 

They play an important function in delivering your offer and improving your overall conversion rate. 

Every time a consumer is about to make a purchase, you can use pop-up notifications to remind them about the deals applicable to their purchase, be it first-time offers or other promotional discounts.

Use Exit Intent 

This is an innovative tool that facilitates Shopify store owners to recognize when people are leaving their website and engage with them before they leave the web page without buying anything.

Send Relevant Emails

Once you’ve built a healthy consumer list through blog opt-ins, you may want to consider sending your list promotional emails stating any first time offers you have for them.

Increase Your Shopify Store Conversion Rate With First Tiime Offers

Apps to use to implement first-time offers

Here are some apps you can use to promote your offers on Shopify.


Create product deals and display them throughout your store, sell bundles as a single product and advertise across your marketing channels.

Bold Discounts ‑ The Sale App

With this app, you may time table discounts, practice them to pick out products or even the entire store.

Upsell Popup ‑ Sales Pop up

You can increase customer retention with this app that permits you to offer discounts, free items with purchases or simply use it to boost sales pop-up notifications.

Ultimate Special Offers

This is your all-in-one app to boom sales; you can cross-sell, create upsells, offer credits and more.

Unleash the Power of Free Shipping 

Free Shipping

As the marketplace gets more competitive, and prices for goods seem to rise. 

Big and small retailers are starting to pass on the shipping cost to consumers or expect them to pick up items in store. 

These hefty shipping charges regularly results in the consumer taking flight to the competition. 

That is why you need to offer free shipping. 

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How To Do It On Your Shopify Store

The concept of free shipping is simple, but letting your customers know you offer free shipping is another thing. 

Here are some ideas that can assist you as a store owner sales conversion.

  1. Display the offer correctly with a Free Shipping Banner
  2. Advertise On Social Media
  3. Send Promotional e-mails
  4. Utilize Pop-Ups Strategically
  5. Use Exit Intent Pop-Ups

Offer Coupon Codes Advantages

Coupon codes usually provide visitors with pretty hefty discounts. 

Usually, if the coupon is good enough, the visitor will turn into a customer! 

Coupon codes on Shopify are considered to be ideal tools for producing sales. 

Customers are provided with incentives in the shape of promo codes.

How to Use Coupon Codes Properly

Offer Personalized Coupons Target Customers

Among all your marketing strategies, you should be focusing on the segmentation of your customers. 

Most e-mail clients have a feature for segmentation. 

From here, you can segment based on your best customers and offer them a great discount to come back. 

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Create Urgency and Use Expiry Dates

Customers understand that deals are not forever. 

Using urgency around your coupon code can help shorten the time it takes a customer to purchase. 

You can do this by using effective copy and using a promo bar with a countdown.

Use copy like "This offer expires this weekend” or “Today only!” 

This may be put to use to generate urgency and demand. 

A countdown can also be created regarding the coupon code, in order to make the customer notice that their time to take advantage of a great deal is limited.

4. Retargeting ads - Bring that customer back!

Retarget To Being People Back And Improve Cro

First, you may ask, what's retargeting? 

Retargeting is a way to restructure your advertising and marketing in a manner that keeps your website and your brand top of mind for those who have visited your site previously and left. 

There are numerous ways to do retargeting, a number of the traditional, some extra innovative and new. 

The fact is, however, that 3 of every 4 users will don't mind a retargeted ad and 8.65% of users who see a retargeting ad will return to the site! 

If you are a Shopify store, you understand that the fee of these clicks is really worth its weight in gold. 

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How to Utilize Retargeting

There are numerous one-of-a-kind ways to retarget an ad, with a number of the more traditional, predicted routes, and some one-of-a-kind. 

Ads can be retargeted on-site, on social media, or through even less conventional routes. 

Today, however, social media - specifically Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, are among the most popular ways of retargeting commercials. 

But first, there are two main varieties of retargeting, although the mediums used for every can differ. 

Retargeted advertisements are by and large both:

  1. pixel-primarily based
  2. list-primarily based.

Pixel-based Retargeting

A pixel is a chunk of code, which is put on your website and will drop a browser cookie to every site visitor. 

That cookie is what will later tell your company that visitors who've already visited your website want to be retargeted to go to it.

However, there may be a few problems with pixel-primarily based retargeting, clearly because the code is not easy to execute throughout a huge number of pages. 

This is due to the fact you can not limit it just to one web page of your website. 

If you try that, it will not be as effective. 

In pixel-primarily based retargeting, your ‘pixel’ or cookie of statistics will observe a person who has formerly visited your website, to every other website. 

Once you're on that website online, if the original website online is capable of secure advertising space, your cookie will show up on that website online.

List-based Retargeting

List-based retargeting is more customizable because it's constituted of lists of contacts or email addresses left by using visitors, to a platform you are using for your retargeting campaigns. 

Although this isn't always as normally used as pixel-based retargeting, it's less difficult to customize this kind of campaign. 

However, what you want in this example is your contacts’ statistics already in your system or database, and given that this will not necessarily be the e-mail or info they've used on social media, the use of this method of retargeting may not usually be effective.

Google Ads Retargeting 

Remarketing With Google

Google allows you to do something known as dynamic remarketing. 

Not most effective do those retargeted commercials target former visitors to your internet site, but they also in particular tailor the one’s ads with merchandise that customers have previously viewed. 

This takes the targeting to a further, more precise level, making the likelihood that they will revisit your site and look at your product again higher. 

Dynamic marketing is very powerful because you may have a massive range of products or services that you sell, to customers who have already expressed their interest in it. 

Thus, your dynamic retargeting helps increase revisits to your internet site and to precise products. 

Another choice for retargeting and remarketing on Google has to do with RLSA or Remarketing Lists for Search Ads

What this includes is retargeting commercials to people who have already visited your website before, but used related search terms after having left your website. 

For example, imagine you are an online cosmetics brand selling a product. 

A customer visits your internet site, but leaves without buying anything, then using Google, continues to search for the product they need. 

You can use an RLSA to retarget them!

Facebook Ads Retargeting

Facebook has numerous tools that considerably help retargeting. 

Facebook’s Ad Manager is quite a helpful tool in this regard. 

Let's say a visitor has started checking out but didn't complete a purchase. 

As a Shopify store owner, you may offer a 20% off code for cart abandoners through Facebook. 

Facebook will generate the code you need for pixel retargeting, which you can get through your Ads Manager, underneath Audiences. 

Once you have that code generated by Facebook, you can add it to your website! 

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Some great apps to use for retargeting

Here are a couple of apps you can use for retargeting customers on Shopify:
  1. Ako Facebook Retargeting Ads
  2. AdWords Google Retargeting Ads
  3. Flashyapp Marketing Automation
  4. Omnisend
  5. RetargetApp
  6. Rontar

5. Reducing Cart abandonment

How To Reduce Cart Abandonment

Cart abandonment, a completely self-explanatory concept and refers to folks that go to e-commerce websites and place objects in their buying cart but go away from the site without making or finishing the purchase. 

Over three-fourths of clients who visit an eCommerce store do not proceed with the purchase. 

These rates can also vary across devices and mediums. 

Interestingly, cart abandonment takes place across diverse sectors and no longer just retail. 

In fact, the highest cart abandonment online today is within the airline sector, at approximately 87%. 

The larger travel sector is not far back at 81%.

Check Out For Ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimization

How to Reduce Your Cart Abandonment Rate

Like some other eCommerce sellers, you too would need to reduce cart abandonment on your website. 

It is disheartening to think of a purchaser spending adequate time to your site, adding products to the cart, only to desert it later and lose out on a sale. 

However, there are methods to lessen cart abandonment like

  1. Simplifying the Order Process
  2. Sending Cart Recovery Emails
  3. Make Check Out Simple

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Simplify the Order Process

The more complicated the ordering process is, the more likely you are to lose customers along the way. 

Use a very simple "Add to Cart" button and make sure they are visible on the product page.  

Make sure your cart button is easy to access and view and make it easy to update quantities in the cart.

Send Cart Recovery Emails

Use Email To Boost Cro

Most online consumers are familiar with the cart recovery electronic mail sequence. 

A cart recovery email collection refers to a scheduled email or set of emails sent in ‘X’ number of hours to your capacity consumer after their cart has been abandoned. 

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These emails can have a couple of purposes. 

First, you may have shoppers who have ended and have absolutely forgotten that they had items in their cart, in which case, they serve as a simple and effective reminder to finish the purchase.

Keep Your Payment Process Simple and Error-Free 

There are several potential errors customers can face close to the checkout process which can cause an accelerated cart abandonment rate. 

As an eCommerce seller, it is essential that your checkout method is as simplified as possible, so your customers finish it quickly. 

If your fee gateway takes too long, isn't nicely managed, or is no longer laid out in the simplest possible way, this can affect your cart abandonment rate.

Apps to reduce cart abandonment

In case you are looking for sure equipment that will let you reduce the fashion of cart abandonment on your site, there are a bunch of Shopify apps that have you covered.

List of apps helpful to reduce cart abandonment

Payment Process Error Free

Recart Messenger Marketing

Recart does not use emails to remind the client of an abandoned cart. 

Instead, it uses Facebook messenger to remind customers they have left items behind. 

Since email inboxes can regularly fill up with junk mail quickly, people are not likely to open emails, which results in the remarketing campaign turning into a failure. 

Facebook messages are much more likely to be opened!


In addition to sending basic cart reminder emails, Conversio is beneficial in terms of also performing the follow-up tasks. 

It additionally handles post-purchase email reminders and newsletters, thus maintaining your brand within the customer’s recognition consistently.


PushOwl sends push notifications to your customer's laptop or computing device to remind them to finish their purchase. 

However, the customer will need to opt-in to these notifications. 

This app also sends clients reminders if objects were restocked, sales, any offers, or reductions available.

Abandoned Cart Order Recovery

This app sends email reminders to clients to recover an abandoned cart. 

Sending one to three emails to the purchaser as a reminder, this app offers a number of templates that you could choose from.

WhatsApp & SMS Cart Recovery by Shipway

The app allows you to send Whatsapp & SMS Notifications for Abandoned Cart Recovery, which has a very high opening rate.

This app enables you to send automated WhatsApp reminder notifications to your customers for their abandoned shopping carts alongside follow-ups at different time intervals.

You can also use the app for marketing via WhatsApp and SMS.

This allows you to send custom notifications in order to thank customers for their successful purchases, promote new products, and offer discounts on your stores.

The Notification template is fully customizable according to your requirements.

Abandonment Protector

Abandonment Protector helps clients not only with electronic mail templates but also with designs for pop-ups that activate customers to come back and buy.

Free Persistent Cart App

This app lets customers keep shopping from more than one device, for example, in case a person has deserted a purchase from their laptop; they are able to later preserve that shopping cart on their smartphone.

Smart Cart Recovery

This app also makes use of Facebook Messenger to reduce cart abandonment. 

It creates a chain of messages to remind a purchaser that they’ve forgotten their order and more!

Moonmail Recover Checkouts

This app is similar to other email apps and allows you, the seller, to manually or automatically send emails to your customers who've left your site without a purchase.


This app auto-saves carts abandoned by customers as draft orders. 

When a customer returns, they're able to get back at once to the cart and complete their purchase.


In this article, we discussed some great ideas to increase your Shopify store conversion. 

First, we discussed how first time offers, free shipping and coupon codes help you to increase conversions. 

Then we discussed what retargeting is and how to utilize it to boost conversions on your Shopify store. 

Finally, we discussed some great ideas to help you to reduce your cart abandonment rate for your Shopify store. 

Hopefully, you will use these techniques and see your conversion rate soar. 

Let us know if any of these tactics worked for you in the comments below!

Salil Panikkaveettil

Salil is the Co-Founder and CEO of AdNabu

He helps eCommerce companies to generate more sales from Google Ads. 

You can connect with him on Twitter or Linkedin .

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