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Published by: Vasko Ikonomov

We’re happy to announce our new customer section that will help you find specific customers and ask them for reviews. 

This will help you increase the number of reviews you have, thus increasing your chance to get more sales.

View All Your Customers

The new section displays all of your customers in one simple space. You will be able to see all of their details and modify them if needed.

Some of the elements that you can edit are: name, email, country, province, city, and postal code.

Track Down A Specific Group of Customers

You will be able to track down a specific group of customers by using the following filters:

  • Average rating
  • Number of reviews
  • Review requested
  • Number of orders
  • Number of photos and videos
  • Date Created

Ask The Right Customers For Reviews

Filter by customers who have not been asked for a review and have not submitted a review, select them, then start a new review request. It's easy as 1... 2... 3...

Easily Copy A Review Request Link

Asking for reviews is one of the easiest ways to get them. So, by using this feature, you will be able to send a quick review request link to your customers that takes them to your site to submit a review.

Want to see the new "Customers Insights" section for yourself? Click here!

What are you waiting for?

> 90% of shoppers see reviews before buying. Make sure what they see gets them to a YES.

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