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Published by: Jameela Ghann

Dropshipping during the pandemic

Undoubtedly, this current pandemic has dealt a heavy blow on most businesses especially those dropshipping during the pandemic. Many as a lot of them have been put on hold. It has also caused some online businesses to steer in different directions without substantial information as regards which products to promote and sell. Dropshipping is one such business that has had to re-strategize as it typically involves selling hot-in-demand products. For dropshippers, product research has become increasingly imperative and necessary, given the crucial times we are in. Amidst the COVID-19 situation, selecting a winning product would take a tremendous amount of time, research, and investment, except if you have a powerful software tool you’re leveraging.

Future difficulties likely to be faced by dropshippers

How To Dropship During Pandemic Coronavirus

Since dropshipping is practically e-commerce without inventory, entrepreneurs would, undoubtedly, experience some drawbacks due to the ongoing pandemic. A lot of difficulties will be faced in these crucial times as dropshippers try to keep their business afloat. What are these difficulties? We will be reviewing them in a bit.

Halted manufacturing activities

The current pandemic situation has inevitably halted a lot of manufacturing activities. This has caused numerous products to be off-market. The government in these manufacturing countries have issued out stay-at-home policies as a safety measure to contain and avert further transmission of the virus. China itself is an essential manufacturing hub in the world of e-commerce. At the moment, Chinese manufacturers are facing production disruptions due to the closure of numerous factories.

Unavoidable delays

There have been pockets of shipping since the pandemic kicked off. AliExpress buyers vehemently expressed their difficulties as regards delayed deliveries. On March 5, 2020, AliExpress affirmed that they’ve been experiencing some shipping difficulties as they appealed to their customers to bear with them. These shipping difficulties were attributed to the coronavirus pandemic. Some investigative reports suggested that the suspension of deliveries arose from the backlog resulting from the virus.

Endangering business viability

This pandemic has certainly threatened a lot of dropshipping business as dropshippers keep accumulating orders they can’t ship. These constant delays in deliveries is due to
  • the closure of most factories
  • most shipping companies aren’t operating at full capacity
Dropshipping is a business model that functions when people order products. When customers place orders, and they have difficulty receiving them, it tends to jeopardize business trust. Dropshippers are likely to face issues like this if the pandemic doesn’t subside, and this will invariably raise doubts in the minds of customers.

Mitigating these difficulties

Managing Dropshipping During Pandemic

Since this pandemic comes with some adverse effects, dropshippers would have to resort to some mitigation processes if they wish to stay in business. How can these current difficulties be mitigated? There are some mitigation measures dropshippers can harness while the pandemic lasts. While these measures might not turn the market around, it will instill trust in the minds of customers as well as allow dropshippers to meet up with customers’ demands.

Cutting costs

Reducing costs at this time has become utterly necessary. One significant way to save money during this time is by reducing the expenses on ad campaigns or pausing ad campaigns. This invariably reduces the number of orders gotten. One way of dealing with unfulfilled demands is to slow the sale rate of items.


It has become more apparent for dropshippers to stay in touch with their customers. Dropershippers should deem it fit to inform their customers that deliveries would take unusually long due to the ongoing pandemic. Emphasize the fact that this is a temporary situation as things will return to normal when the pandemic passes. This goes a long way to reassure customers. There are lots of niche-finding tools for dropshipping, and most of these tools are tailored to popular stores like Shopify and AliExpress. If you’re a dropshipper with any of these stores, then you’re likely to have come across niche-finding tools such as BigSpy, and FindNiche, as well some tools to help you increase sales by improving social proof.

Tools Dropshippers Should be Using

Dropshipping During Pandemic


If you’re looking to convert your traffic inflow to customers, then BigSpy is a must-have tool. Having BigSpy in your advertising arsenal will certainly boost your conversion rate. With a lot of inspirational ad creatives as well as ideas from your rivals, your store is certain to outpace the competition.


Building trust of stores is frequently ignored by store owners, while when you’re doing dropshipping, how to make customers trust your store and product is significant, definitely, it will affect your sales, then there you have Fera.ai, it will help you to add trust content, and improve your social proof, as well it can customize some features to manage your store and promote customers experience.


FindNiche is a more sophisticated dropshipping tool, and we are going to be analyzing its high-authority features. You’ve probably heard the saying, “desperate times call for desperate measures.” We really can’t overemphasize the fact that the days are crucial. As such, if you are dropshipping during the pandemic you will have to resort to a more thorough method of product and niche selection if they are looking to keep their business above the pandemic.

Final Thoughts

While the pandemic lasts, dropshippers need every leverage they can get. Like tools of BigSpy and Fera.ai would help you to increase sales, while niche-finding tools like FindNiche would be very handy at this time as dropshippers can use it to keep their dropshipping business above the water. Stay safe, and don’t forget to wash your hands.

About Find Niche

Dropshipping Find Niche Pandemic

FindNiche can assist you in making some good decisions when it comes to products that presently in the sale. The pandemic has succeeded in halting a lot of manufacturing activities. This has inevitably caused some products to be out of the market. FindNiche ensures that you don’t fall into the trap of sending traffic to off-market products. This will also influence your niche selection. You can filter winning products by recording some high valued production information such as –
  • product price
  • ad connections
  • number of ad connections
  • sales trends
  • product views
  • regional distribution
  • payment options
  • top-selling countries
  • top brands
  • faster shipping options
After using this information to filter your selected products, then the winning products will become more apparent. This makes you double-certain that your chosen products will convert.  

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