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Published by: Jameela Ghann

Fashion brands work hard to make their store appealing to customers. Your brand is no exception!

Every fashion brand knows that to create a beautiful, high-converting store, you need to have customer photo reviews.

If you don't have many - or any - photo reviews for your eCommerce fashion store, keep reading to see how you can get more!

Why your fashion store needs photo reviews

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Photo reviews on a fashion product page help build trust and loyalty.

Not only that, but reviews help your shoppers understand what the product looks like in real life.

Photo reviews bring your product to life

Photo reviews for fashion products help you show your buyers that your products are more than the curated picture presented on Instagram or in your online store.

It shows that people LOVE your things in real life.

According to a recent study by the National Retail Federation, shoppers are also more likely to buy when they see a product photo on your product page that has been rated positively

How to get photo reviews.

Product Photo

After your customer has made a purchase, you should email them asking them to take a photo of your product and leave a review if they are satisfied with it!

You can also ask them to leave their photo review on your website.

If you are confident in your brand experience is stellar, you can also ask for reviews via social media and third-party rating sites.

Use Fera Product Reviews

Fera Product Reviews allows your customers to leave reviews for your fashion products through email and complete the review process right on your website!

Review Request Screen

When you use Fera to collect photo reviews, you can

  • offer discounts like
    • Cashback
    • Loyalty points
    • Discounts
  • Create one-time or ongoing email campaigns
  • And more!

Beautiful, simple reviews for your site

Easily collect, show & grow customer reviews, photos & videos for your business.

Moderate your reviews regularly.

Once you get your reviews, you’ll want to moderate them! Fera will remind you if you have lots of reviews to approve or decline, but you should make it a habit to check on your reviews regularly. 

 You never want to frustrate your customers with tardy responses as they are probably looking forward to receiving their incentive!

Request better photos

While you appreciate all your customer reviews, you are better off rejecting poor quality photos. You don’t want to flat out reject customer photos, you want to give them an opportunity to get their incentive.

If your customers send in grainy photos, you can ask them to resubmit through Fera.

Don’t delete negative reviews.

5. The Easy Tile Leveling Product Reviews

While it may be tempting, you shouldn’t delete or ignore lukewarm or negative reviews.

If shoppers see only 5-star reviews, they will get suspicious and won’t trust you.

Respond to all your reviews

It may seem daunting to respond to all your reviews, but it is something you have to do.

When responding to negative reviews, you can apologize for any issues and offer to take the conversation offline.

By responding to both negative and positive reviews, you show shoppers that you address concerns.

Showing that you are an attentive business will increase your shopper’s confidence in your fashion brand!

How to display your reviews

First, it is essential to show your reviews above the fold.

Typically, this is done using an average reviews rating badge so that it’s highly visible.

How To Use Social Proof Online Store People Viewing

You want to put it there because fashion customers expect to see average star ratings right away.

Further down the page, you’ll want to include photo reviews so that your shoppers can see exactly how others are wearing your product. Remember, these shoppers want to see how others have styled your dress, glasses, or top.

This is vital because customers trust customer reviews more than product descriptions.

How to get photo reviews with no sales.

You don’t have to sell a bunch to get photo reviews.

If your company has a new product or promotion, or if you’re looking for a way to get more people to post using your hashtag, you can reach out to influencers to review your products!

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You have seen Instagram influencers raving about brands that they like on platforms like Instagram or TikTok. Having these influencers can do more than provide photo reviews!

Working with influencers for your fashion brand can help you win a ton of new potential customers, get people to use your hashtag to share on UGC when they get your product, build brand awareness and ultimately boost sales.

Don’t stop at photos – ask for videos.

Display Video Reviews

A product review accompanied by pictures is great, but videos are even better!

Be sure to incentivize your customers to leave a video review by offering a great inventive like a high dollar amount off of their next purchase.

Remember, videos tell a story about your product and are better to share on social media.

Let your happy customers do the talking.

Remember, if you want to create a beautiful, high-converting store, you need to have customer photo reviews!

Be sure to ask for reviews at every opportunity, work hard to make your customers happy, and display your reviews on your store to build trust!

Beautiful, simple reviews for your site

Easily collect, show & grow customer reviews, photos & videos for your business.

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