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Published by: Jay

We're thrilled to unveil the new vibrant symbol that represnts our brand's essence and values.

Same product, evolved vision.

Our mission has always been to support merchants without letting profit dictate our priorities.

However, our product has evolved a lot since then.

A few years ago we refocused on helping merchants gather and grow high quality customer reviews, photos and videos.

Since then “more trust” has been our primary objective for merchants.

But how do we help merchants get more trust in today’s world?

Ultimate trust comes from LOVE & CONNECTION.

To understand how to help merchants get more trust we had to ask ourselves a question:

In this world of fake news, 1-click dropship stores and A.I-generated content, who do customers trust?

The answer: Customers trust the people they LOVE and CONNECT with.

That is what we had in mind when we designed our new brand: Love & Connection.

Loads of improvements coming soon.

The new brand will pave the way for a ton of new features and improvements that will help you build deeper customer relationships, improve your brand's reputation and generate richer review content.

Big thanks to the Fera team that worked hard to make this a reality!

What are you waiting for?

> 90% of shoppers see reviews before buying. Make sure what they see gets them to a YES.

Still not sure?

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