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There is no doubt that Shopify apps play a crucial role in your overall business growth.

By incorporating automation and machine learning, these eCommerce tools can help online retailers streamline essential business processes while increasing sales.

But with so many options in the Shopify app store, which ones do you choose to help you grow your business?

We’ve done the research for you!

In this post, we give you the best 2023 Shopify apps that help with key online retail marketing tasks, such as:

  • Cart Optimization
  • Review Collection and Optimization
  • Advanced Product Sorting and Merchandising
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO Optimization
  • PPC Management and Optimization
  • Customer Support and Retention

Let’s jump in!

1. Sticky Add To Cart [Cart Optimization]

With a five-star rating and 1,519+ reviews, Sticky Add to Cart by Codeinero is a popular choice in terms of cart optimization.

In a nutshell, this app enables you to quickly add a sticky add-to-cart bar throughout your site — ultimately making tasks such as adding to cart and checkout out much more streamlined for the shopper.

Sticky Key Features

  • Incorporates a floating add-to-cart bar with a quick buy button that is automatically visible to customers when they scroll or swipe the store.
  • Includes an interactive cart slider/drawer designed to improve your UX and shopping experience.
  • Streamlines your checkout experience to increase AOVs (average order values) and conversions while decreasing overall cart abandonment.
  • Automatically inherits your store theme, branding, and style and is customizable.

Sticky Pricing

Sticky Add To Cart pricing starts at $8.99 per month for the basic package, and all plans include a 14-day free trial and 24/7 support, and a basic foundation of cart optimization features.

Sticky Add to Cart

You can download the Sticky Add To Cart Shopify app here.

Fera Product Reviews [Review Collection And Optimization]

When it comes to product review management, Fera Product Reviews is a top Shopify app choice for 2023.

With a five-star rating and over 4,646 reviews, merchants opt for this leading review app based on its ease of use, robust features, affordable price, and seamless workflow — just to name a few!

Fera Key Features

  • Offers the ability to manage, show, and grow your customer photo and video reviews from one, easy-to-use store app.
  • Ensures advanced SEO optimization to ensure your reviews integrate with Google Shopping and Google Search.
  • Offers super simple review widgets that you can set up in just a few clicks.
  • Has built-in advanced eCommerce-forward tech to help brands like yours automatically collect good-quality reviews from customers.
  • Offers optimum design options so that you can create great-looking products and store review widgets.
  • Syncs reviews from your brand’s Facebook, Google, and other sources, automatically and easily.

Fera Pricing

Fera offers a free package ideal for newer stores or online retailers looking to test Fera before committing to a monthly plan.

These plans are structured according to how many review requests you want to send and start at $9 per month for 100 order review requests.

Fera Reviews Pricing

You can download the Fera Product Reviews Shopify app here.

3. Kimonix [Advanced Product Sorting And Merchandising]

Kimonix is an advanced product sorting and merchandising tool that helps online retailers expand their product collection sorting beyond the single parameter offered by Shopify.

Unlike other sorting apps, Kimonix uses advanced analytics and personalization to ensure you are able to build smart, multi-segmented, automated collections that boost sales and profits.

Kimonix Key Features

  • Includes advanced AI-powered online merchandising that fulfills your business goals while driving conversions.
  • Includes manual sorting functions so you can override data to manually group specific products when needed.
  • Offers the ability to sort Shopify products by a multitude of marketing and inventory parameters such as sales, margins, days in store, and inventory value.
  • Includes built-in smart collection A/B testing to help you automatically find your store's most profitable sorting strategies.
  • Integrates with your email and social marketing channels in order for you to create off-site personalized product collections that are more likely to convert.

Kimonix Pricing

Kimonix price plans start at just $19 per month. Choosing between them will depend on the number of orders you have per month, the number of product collections you have, and the features you specifically need.

They all come with a 14-day money-back guarantee, segmented collections, and advanced analytics.

Kimonix Shopify App

You can download the Kimonix app here.

Beautiful, simple reviews for your site

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4. Klaviyo Email Marketing And SMS Shopify App [Email Marketing]

When it comes to the best 2023 Shopping apps, no list is complete without an email marketing app — and Klaviyo is one of the most popular.

With 1,642+ Shopify app store reviews, Klaviyo is rated highly by online retailers for its ease of use, excellent support team, flows automation, and audience targeting.

Klavyio Key Features

  • Automatically syncs all your Shopify data with your email marketing.
  • Affords the ability to send personalized SMS and email marketing that considers product preferences and very specific shopping behavior.
  • Offers a variety of customizable automation and built-in templates for various marketing emails, including abandonment flows, price drop alerts, and welcome emails.
  • Enables advanced segmentation that drives more online sales with powerful personalization.
  • Provides you with advanced reporting and analytics to drive further email marketing improvements.

Klaviyo Pricing

Klaviyo is free to install and test for up to 250 email and 50 SMS contacts.

Their paid plans start at $5 per month, depending on whether you need email or SMS marketing and the number of contacts you have for either.

Klaviyo Email Marketing

You can download the Klaviyo Shopify app here.

5. Plug In SEO [SEO Optimization]

Plug In SEO is a five-star rated tool reviewed by over 2,566 merchants.

Created by SureSwift Capital, this best 2023 Shopify app offers simple one-click SEO optimization and auditing tips to help brands immediately speed up their site and boost organic traffic.

Plug In SEO Key Features

  • Includes comprehensive schema mark-up for Google and JSON-LD structured data and rich snippets to drive CTRs (click-through rates) and eCommerce ROAS.
  • Offers the ability to quickly audit for image alt tags, JSON-LD, schema, meta tags, and more.
  • Includes an SEO text optimizer to help visibility and to repair images with text.
  • Detects and helps fix any broken links on your website and set up 301 permanent redirects.
  • Includes 24/7 access to their great team of SEO experts.

Plug In SEO Pricing

Plug In SEO Shopify app offers a forever free basic plan ideal for stores that want to test basic features before investing in the app. For more advanced features, growing Shopify stores can expect to pay from $29.99 per month.

Plug In SEO

You can download the Plug In SEO app here.

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Then head over to our SEO Shopify app list.

6. Traffic Booster [PPC Management and Optimization]

Next on the best 2023 Shopify Apps list is Traffic Booster.

Powered by StoreYa and explicitly designed for online retailers, Traffic Booster is the only eCommerce PPC software or tool option that takes over the complete management of a store’s eCommerce ads — from creation to performance optimization.

Traffic Booster Key Features

  • Takes over the complete PPC management for stores, saving you on expensive agency fees while giving you access to campaign experts.
  • Includes real-time automatic bid optimization, keyword adjustments, and relevance tweaks to ensure the right shopper is being brought to the right product page.
  • Includes automated Facebook and Instagram ads to boost sales and product discovery.
  • Creates, manages, and optimizes ads across all Google channels, including Google Shopping ads, Search and Dynamic Search ads, Smart campaigns, YouTube, and Gmail remarketing ads.
  • Offers additional leading marketing channel management — such as TikTok, Pinterest, and Microsoft ads — for their Enterprise merchants.

Traffic Pricing

Traffic Booster pricing works a little differently than other top Shopify apps.

The price is determined by the amount of advertising budget you have to spend.

In other words, each of their plans includes the total advertising budget that will be used for your PPC campaigns without any additional monthly service fees.

Choosing between plans will depend on how much advertising spend you have in your marketing budget.

Traffic Booster

You can download the Traffic Booster Shopify app here.

7. [Customer Support and Retention]

If isn’t on your “top tools to use in 2023” list, it should be!

With 4,798 reviews, this five-star rated Shopify app is a popular choice for eCommerce brands who want to invest big in customer loyalty this year.

Leading in terms of customer retention, this app offers everything you need to provide loyalty points, rewards, and referrals.

Smile Key Features

  • Provides Shopify stores with all the tools you need to drive long-term customer retention and conversions while saving on acquisition costs.
  • Includes the ability to build and customize referral and/or point-based loyalty programs.
  • Integrates fully with other marketing apps and tools, enabling you to integrate loyalty programs into email, reviews, customer services, and other functions and tools such as your store’s data stack.
  • Offers quick and easy setup and launch so you can build loyalty and retention ASAP.
  • Includes fully customizable rewards and loyalty program panel designs.

Smile Pricing

Smile offers all sellers their free basic plan, including a points and referral program and basic branding.

This is an excellent option for those stores looking to build a loyalty program from scratch and are still at the testing stage.

For more established stores looking for advanced features, their paid plans start at $49 per month.

You can download the app here.


Whether you are looking to streamline or optimize your product sorting, or take your review collection to the next level, there is a Shopify app for almost everything.

Not only do these apps offer more functionality without the need for hefty design personalization, but they come with built-in automation, machine learning, and other trending technologies — all designed to help you sell more products.

The secret to choosing which ones you should optimize comes down to your budget and your specific storage needs.

And this 2023 Best Shopping Apps list is a great place to start!

To recap, the leading apps include:

  1. Sticky Add To Cart
  2. Fera Product Reviews
  3. Kimonix
  4. Klaviyo
  5. Plug In SEO
  6. Traffic Booster

Happy selling!

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