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Wix is one of the largest website builders out there. People use it to create their own blogs, eCommerce stores, and business pages.

It features a modern and simple-to-use interface that makes the whole experience a breeze.

It's true - even a beginner who doesn't know anything about coding can create a multifunctional website.

All you honestly need to do is drag a couple of elements, customize their appearance, and publish your creation.

Plus, on top of that, you can even use some of their third-party apps to further enhance your website.

From marketing to design - these apps can help you achieve all your goals as fast as possible. Some of them are entirely free, while others require a paid subscription.

In our blog post, we will cover some of the best free apps - for growing stores and new stores - you can find on Wix.

Beautiful, simple reviews for your site

Easily collect, show & grow customer reviews, photos & videos for your business.

1. Fera

Fera Reviews 4.9 stars with 2420+ reviews

Fera Reviews consistently stands as the best Wix app for growing stores. It allows you to collect various customer testimonials and then showcase them on your website in a few easy steps. Not only will this expand brand awareness, but it will also have a grand impact on your overall sales.

The app is extremely straightforward and comes with a ton of pre-built integrations for a seamless user experience.

Fera Reviews Wix

Why You Need Fera Reviews:

  • Create and customize different review widgets with the on-site builder
  • Arrange and manage your reviews before you publish them online
  • User-verified badges and product ratings for a better appearance

Beautiful, simple reviews for your site

Easily collect, show & grow customer reviews, photos & videos for your business.

Fera Product Reviews Pricing:

  • Smaller Bundles

    • Free Package Deal - 10 original review submissions and 1 live widget.
    • Startup Package Deal ($9/month) - 100 original review submissions and 3 live widgets.
    • Small Package Deal ($29/month) - 1,000 original review submissions and 10 live widgets.
    • Medium Package Deal ($99/month) - 10,000 original review submissions and 20 live widgets.
  • Bigger Bundles

    • Semi-Large Package Deal ($199/month) - 25,000 original review submissions and 30 live widgets.
    • Large Package Deal ($299/month) - 50,000 original review submissions and 50 live widgets.
    • X-Large Package Deal ($599/month) - 200,000 original review submissions and 100 live widgets.
    • Enterprise Package Deal ($999/month) - 500,000 original review submissions and 200 live widgets.

Type Of Wix Stores Fera Product Reviews Is Best For:

  • Perfect for Wix stores that want to build trust and loyalty.

2. Poptin

Poptin Smart Pop Ups 4.8 stars with 550+ reviews

In the second spot of the listing, we have a popular Wix app that has captured the eyes of many professional businesses - the Poptin Smart Pop Ups.

By using it on a regular basis, you will be able to increase your customer engagement and gain more sales.

Poptin: Smart Pop Ups

Why You Need Poptin Smart Pop Ups:

  • Increase the engagement on your site with interactive pop-ups
  • Send automatic newsletters to capture more leads and sales
  • Reduce cart abandonment rate by employing discounts and upsells

Poptin Smart Pop Ups Pricing:

  • Freemium Packet (Free) - 1,000 monthly visitors, 1 active domain, and poptin brand logo.
  • Basic Packet ($25/month) - 10,000 monthly visitors, 1 active domain, autoresponder, and unbranded.
  • Pro Packet ($59/month) - 50,000 monthly visitors, 4 active domains, and most premium features.
  • Agency Packet ($119/month) - 150,000 monthly visitors, unlimited active domain, and all the premium features.

Type Of Wix Stores Poptin Smart Pop Ups Is Best For:

  • Top-notch stores that want to generate more leads.

3. Formilla

Formilla Live Chat 4.4 stars with 170+ reviews

With the help of Formilla Live Chat, you will be able to easily communicate with your customers through live chat messages and answer all of their questions.

The app is available worldwide and has multi-language support.


Why You Need Formilla Live Chat:

  • The live chat feature instantly appears on your website - no coding required
  • See website visitors in real-time and send various chat requests
  • Respond to all of your customer's questions from your phone app

Formilla Live Chat Pricing:

  • Basic Package (Free) - 30 chats monthly, 1 unique chat agent, proactive chat, desktop app.
  • Premium Package ($99/month) - Unlimited chats, up to 3 unique chat agents, mobile apps, and real-time visitor statistics.

Type Of Wix Stores Formilla Live Chat Is Best For:

  • Stores that want to build a healthier connection with their loyal consumers.

4. Visitor Analytics

Visitor Analytics 4.6 stars with 1,400+ reviews

Why should you waste your time and money on multiple apps when you can acquire all the crucial functionalities with Visitor Analytics - an all-in-one platform that provides advanced visitor stats, analytics, and feedback.

Visitor Analytics

Why You Need Visitor Analytics:

  • Access to advanced website traffic statistics through a user-friendly interface
  • See how visitors interact with your website and boost your success
  • Integrate feedback bubbles on your site by using polls or questionnaires

Visitor Analytics Pricing:

  • Free Plan (Free) - 400 page visits limit, 2 user recordings, 1 heatmap, 1 funnel, and 1 poll & survey.
  • Basic Plan ($11.30/month) - 100,000 page visits limit, 15 user recordings, 2 heatmaps, 2 funnels, and 2 poll & surveys.
  • Advanced Plan ($22.50/month) - 250,000 page visits limit, 25,000 user recordings, 15 heatmap, 8 funnels, and 3 polls & surveys.
  • Pro Plan ($37.50/month) - 500,000 page visits limit, 50,000 user recordings, 25 heatmap, 16 funnels, and 7 polls & surveys.

Type Of Wix Stores Visitor Analytics Is Best For:

  • It's suitable for users who want to track their statistics.

5. POWR Countdown Timer

POWR Countdown Timer 4.6 stars with 690+ reviews

Want to build excitement and awareness around a product launch or event?

Well, now that's completely possible with the help of the mighty POWR Countdown Timer - a multifunctional widget that counts down days, hours, or minutes.

POWR Countdown Timer 2023

Why You Need POWR Countdown Timer:

  • Automatically reset the countdown time for each visitor
  • Customize your layout, elements, colors, fonts, and more
  • Adjust the position of the countdown timer and use in-depth settings

POWR Countdown Timer Pricing:

  • Free Package (Free) - Countdown timer and 24/7 support.
  • Starter Package ($3.99/month) - Remove POWR branding, custom content, and PayPal button.
  • Pro Package ($6.99/month) - Everything on the "Starter" package + advanced countdown functionalities and auto-repeat timer.
  • Business Package ($10.99/month) - Everything on the "Business" package + unlimited timers, custom CSS, and full feature access.

Type Of Wix Stores POWR Countdown Timer Is Best For:

  • Businesses that want to bring attention to their sales and events.

6. Appsell

Appsell Upsell & Cross 5.0 stars with 99+ reviews

Want to improve your overall revenue in the fastest time possible?

Don't worry; the brand-new and redesigned version of the Upsell - Upsell & Cross Sell is here to make that happen.

AppSell - Upsell & Cross Sell 2023

Why You Need Appsell Upsell & Cross:

  • Increase your AOV (average order per value) by offering striking upsells
  • Allow your customers to buy related products with a single click
  • Customize pre and post-purchase funnels with the integrated editor

Appsell Upsell & Cross Pricing:

  • Basic Package ($14.95/month) - 7,500 unique visitors, checkout & thank you page upsells, unlimited widgets, custom design.
  • Advanced Package ($24.95/month) - 15,000 unique visitors and everything on the "Basic" package.
  • Grow Package ($49.95/month) - 50,000 unique visitors and everything on the "Basic" package.
  • Tiger Package ($79.95/month) - 150,000 unique visitors and everything on the "Basic" package.

Type Of Wix Stores Appsell Upsell & Cross Is Best For:

  • Store owners that want to boost their sales conversions.

7. Smile

Smile Points & Rewards 4.2 stars with 200+ reviews

Next up, we have the Smile Points & Rewards. With this app's assistance, you can create an engaging reward program that perfectly aligns with the functionality of your site.

Smile: Points & Rewards 2023

Why You Need Smile Points & Rewards:

  • Create and launch your very own loyalty program in a few hours
  • Boost your revenue by using discount points and referrals
  • Drive customer engagement with super-advanced branding

Smile Points & Rewards Pricing:

  • Basic Plan (Free) - Reward consumers on every order, offer discounts for points, send birthday gifts, and customize your programs.
  • Premium Plan ($49/month) - Everything on the "Basic" plan + referral rewards, advanced branding, and premium analytics.

Type Of Wix Stores Smile Points & Rewards Is Best For:

  • Stores that want to increase their repeat sales.

8. Fast Simon

Fast Simon Site Search 3.9 stars with 540+ reviews

Want to help your customers find exactly what they are looking for? Well, the Fast Simon Site Search is a total must-have for your store.

It offers various features and has a seamless connection with your store.

Fast Simon

Why You Need Fast Simon Site Search:

  • Add on some unique filters and categories to your Wix website
  • Offer auto-complete suggestions to your users for a better experience
  • Get a detailed report and SEO insights in the multifunctional dashboard

Fast Simon Site Search Pricing:

  • Premium Plan ($12.50/month) - Up to 500 individual searches monthly, auto-complete dropdown, and search filters.
  • Elite Plan ($25.00/month) - Unlimited searches and content, auto-complete dropdown, search filters, and premium support.

Type Of Wix Stores Fast Simon Site Search Is Best For:

  • Brands that have a huge variety of products.

9. Salesdish

Salesdish Content Protection 5.0 stars with 80+ reviews

Once you become one of the top-tier businesses in the market, users will try to copy your product images or texts and use them in their own store.

Hence, one of the best methods to prevent this is by using Salesdish Content Protection.

Salesdish Content Protection 2023

Why You Need Salesdish Content Protection:

  • Stop individuals from copying your content resources
  • Disable right-click and add additional protection around your site
  • Prevent selecting text with a mouse or the common "CTRL + A"

Salesdish Content Protection Pricing:

  • Free Plan (Free) - This plan offers you access to all of the functionalities of this Wix application.

Type Of Wix Stores Salesdish Content Protection Is Best For:

  • Stores that want to add extra protection over their content.

Beautiful, simple reviews for your site

Easily collect, show & grow customer reviews, photos & videos for your business.

10. MailChimp

Mailchimp Email Marketing 4.2 stars with 19+ reviews

Mailchimp is a powerful channel that will help you send pre-made email templates to you to promote your business products or latest offers. The app is perfectly suitable for all store niches.

Mailchimp Wix

Why You Need Mailchimp Email Marketing:

  • Customize special pop-ups and place them on your website
  • Gain new subscribers and easily manage them through the dashboard
  • Sync order information and acquire advanced email segmenting

Mailchimp Email Marketing Pricing:

  • Free Plan (Free) - Gather up to 100 subscribers and use pop up & embedded signups.
  • Basic Plan ($4.99/month) - Gather unlimited subscribers, sync existing contacts, and access most essential features.
  • Advanced Plan ($7.58/month) - Gather unlimited subscribers, sync existing contacts, sync product information, and access most premium features.

Type Of Wix Stores Mailchimp Email Marketing Is Best For:

  • Users that are searching for an easy-to-use email marketing platform.

Best Free Apps for New Stores

Are you someone that has just launched their Wix store?

Well, these apps will certainly help you get started.

11. Printful

Printful: Printing on Demand 4.6 stars with 535+ reviews

Want to make the first steps and build your own personalized t-shirt business? The Printful: Printing on Demand will guide you through the entire process.

It has a smooth installation procedure and has various integrations.

Printful Print on Demand Wix 2023

Why You Need Printful: Printing on Demand:

  • Focus on the primary business rather than the inventory or shipping
  • Use the premium design tools to make stunning ads and other visuals
  • Get professional assistance from their customer support team

Printful: Printing on Demand Pricing:

  • Free Plan (Free) - Everything you need in order to run your store, premium products you can customizable, a 20% discount on sample orders, and more.
  • Upgrade Experience (Use additional features whenever you want for an extra fee) - Additional branding options to the products you sell (added to the product price), Custom packaging (pay for storage and order fulfillment)

Type Of Wix Stores Printful: Printing on Demand Is Best For:

  • Users that want to start a print-on-demand Wix store.

12. POWR Photo

POWR Photo & Video Gallery 4.6 stars with 500+ reviews

If you want to present your products or services in the best light possible, then you should clearly consider downloading the POWR Photo & Video Gallery. With the help of this functioning app, you can upload various photos and create a nice lookbook or press gallery.

POWR Photo & Video Gallery

Why You Need POWR Photo & Video Gallery:

  • Save time by using auto image cropping and premade layouts
  • Optimize your images and videos by incorporating alt text
  • Acquire more sale conversions with certain call-to-action buttons

POWR Photo & Video Gallery Pricing:

  • Free Package (Free) - You can only attach 5 images and videos.
  • Starter Package ($3.99/month) - Remove the POWR branding, attach 12 images and videos, advanced settings, and image likes.
  • Pro Package ($6.99/month) - Everything on the "Starter" package + advanced video controls and disable right-click.
  • Business Package ($15.99/month) - Everything on the "Pro" package + access to all of the premium features and priority support.

Type Of Wix Stores POWR Photo & Video Gallery Is Best For:

  • Perfectly suitable for artists or users that need galleries on their website.

13. Sixads

Sixads Webstore Ads 4.5 stars with 80+ reviews

The fastest and most functional way to drive traffic to your brand-new Wix store is by using paid ads. The Sixads Webstore Ads has everything that you possibly need - quality traffic, a simple interface, and reasonable prices.

Sixads Webstore Ads

Why You Need Sixads Webstore Ads:

  • Select all of the products you want to advertise on the platform
  • Attract more customers by displaying certain product ads on partner stores
  • See the statistics of your ad campaigns in the main functional dashboard

Sixads Webstore AdsPricing:

  • Free Plan (Free) - You will gain complete access to some of the essential advertising features.
  • Basic Plan ($3.69/month) - All the features on "Free" + automated campaign creation, special remarketing campaigns.
  • Advanced Plan ($13.62/month) - All the features on "Basic" + Personalized ad visuals & texts
  • Pro Plan ($36.96/month) - All the features on "Advanced" + powerful video ads and email support.

Type Of Wix Stores Sixads Webstore Ads Is Best For:

  • Perfectly suitable for people that want to invest in paid advertising.

14. Goaffpro

Goaffpro Affiliate Marketing 4.0 stars with 60+ reviews

Another great way to generate more sales from your products is by using the all-new version of the Goaffpro Affiliate Marketing. It has a variety of features and offers a ton of benefits.

Goaffpro Affiliate Marketing

Why You Need Goaffpro Affiliate Marketing:

  • Boost your overall sale conversions and build brand awareness
  • Manage all of your affiliate marketing campaigns through the app
  • Create a customizable dashboard for all of your loyal affiliate members

Goaffpro Affiliate Marketing Pricing:

  • Basic (Free) - Unlimited affiliates, branded portal, and essential features.
  • Premium ($24/month) - Everything on "Basic" + multi-level affiliate setup and exceptional customer support.

Type Of Wix Stores Goaffpro Affiliate Marketing Is Best For:

  • It's recommended for stores that want to create their own affiliate program.

15. POWR Social Media

POWR Social Media Icons 4.5 stars with 310+ reviews

As you're growing your business, make sure that you focus on social media as well - this can be a crucial part of your company. POWR allows you to create and add various social media bars and buttons in just a few easy steps.

Thanks to this, you can share the latest updates on your brand with all your loyal customers.

POWR Social Media Icons

Why You Need POWR Social Media Icons:

  • Grow your social media following and establish a better connection with customers
  • Easily customize the overall look of the social media icons with the in-app builder
  • Upload your very own social media images (icons) in just a few easy steps

POWR Social Media Icons Pricing:

  • Basic Packet (Free) - Add up to 3 icons, remove POWR logo, and constant updates.
  • Starter Packet ($3.95/month) - Everything on β€œBasic Packet” + shareable entries and custom CSS & JS.
  • Pro Packet ($6.45/month) - Everything on "Starter Packet" + image hover effect and premium support.
  • Business Packet ($9.98/month) - Everything on "Pro Packet" + manual approval.

Type Of Wix Stores POWR Social Media Icons Is Best For:

  • Wix store owners that want to grow their social media following with their business.

16. Web-Stat

Web-Stat Currency Converter 4.6 stars with 60+ reviews

With the help of a Web-Stat Currency Converter, you will be able to show the product prices in your customer's currency. The app has excellent functionality and usability.

Web-Stat Currency Converter

Why You Need Web-Stat Currency Converter:

  • Enable currency sync for a much more convenient experience
  • Choose between 5 different converter styles to match your site
  • Perfectly compatible with most popular circulating world currencies

Web-Stat Currency Converter Pricing:

  • Free Plan (Free) - Classic converter, currency updates every 2 hours, and full support.
  • Premium Plan ($3.95/month) - Everything on the "Free" plan + discreet and modern styles, auto-detect features, and default starting currency.
  • Pro Plan ($4.95/month) - Everything on the "Premium" plan + fully automated operation and phone support.

Type Of Wix Stores Web-Stat Currency Converter Is Best For:

  • Store owners that want to provide their users with a more personalized shopping experience.

17. Spocket

Spocket - US & EU Dropshipping 4.3 stars with 69+ reviews

You've probably heard about the mighty Spocket before. This is a platform that connects online retailers (like you) with thousands of suppliers from the whole world - the US, Europe, Canada, Brazil, etc.

Spocket Dropshipping

Why You Need Spocket - US & EU Dropshipping:

  • Find discounted products and generate higher profits at the end
  • Create personalized invoices to increase your brand awareness
  • Stay up-to-date with the main stock inventory of your products

Spocket - US & EU Dropshipping Pricing:

  • Basic Plan (Free) - Access to AliExpress dropshipping and 24/7 chat support.
  • Starter Plan ($49.99/month) - Up to 25 products, email support, and most essential functionalities.
  • Professional Plan ($30.00/month) - Up to 250 products, 25 special products, branded invoices, picture search, email support, and most essential functionalities.
  • Empire Plan ($71.25/month) - Up to 10,000 products, 10,000 special products, supplier communication, email support, and all the essential functionalities.

Type Of Wix Stores Spocket - US & EU Dropshipping Is Best For:

  • Suitable for Wix owners that are mainly doing dropshipping.

18. Wix FAQ

Wix FAQ 2.7 stars with 950+ reviews

Since you're starting a new brand, most of the buyers won't be familiar with your services and products.

With the help of Wix FAQ, you will be able to provide your customers with quick and easy answers to some of the most common questions across the internet.


Why You Need Wix FAQ:

  • Create different sorts of categories, inquiries, and answers with ease
  • Customize the title and text color of your FAQ depending on your needs
  • Add the widget section to your website in just a few easy clicks

Wix FAQ Pricing:

  • Free Package (Free) - With this package, you will gain access to basically all of the functionalities in this app.

Type Of Wix Stores Wix FAQ Is Best For:

  • Stores that want to provide their buyers with quick answers.

19. Rabbit

Rabbit SEO 4.8 stars with 70+ reviews

Want to get more organic traffic through search engines?

Well, with the help of Rabbit SEO, you can optimize your landing pages and get a higher ranking on Google.

Rabbit SEO Traffic Booster Wix

Why You Need Rabbit SEO:

  • Get better search engine rankings by adding the right keywords
  • Observe which keywords and links your competitors have on their site
  • Review the detailed statistics offered by the app (day-to-day basis)

Rabbit SEO Pricing:

  • Free Plan (Free) - 3 keywords, limited on-page optimization, and Google analytics.
  • Premium Plan ($27.50/month) - 40 keywords, full on-page optimization, Google analytics, and competitor analysis.
  • Business Plan ($81.25/month) - 200 keywords, premium on-page optimization, Google analytics, and competitor analysis.
  • Enterprise Plan ($275.00/month) - 1,000 keywords, premium on-page optimization, Google analytics, competitor analysis, and priority support.

Type Of Wix Stores Rabbit SEO Is Best For:

  • Stores that want to get better ranks than their competitors.

20. Light Technologies

Light Technologies Welcome Bar 4.4 stars with 70+ reviews

Want to properly greet all your new visitors to your website?

Then, you should definitely consider downloading the Light Technologies Welcome Bar. It will allow you to navigate users directly to the product you want to sell.

Light Technologies Impressive Welcome Bar

Why You Need Light Technologies Welcome Bar:

  • Raise your conversion by employing a customized welcome bar
  • Use the sequence feature to create a certain promotion with multiple bars
  • Analyze your user's behavior with the assistance of website statistics

Light Technologies Welcome Bar Pricing:

  • Free Package (Free) - Welcome visitors bar and basic customization options.
  • Premium Plan ($3.99/month) - Unlimited unique visitors, unlimited emails, customizable bars, and bar "sequence" functionality.

Type Of Wix Stores Light Technologies Welcome Bar Is Best For:

  • Stores that want to effectively promote their products and services to new buyers.


That's all for today, folks!

These are some of the top-evaluated free apps for both new and growing Wix stores.

Not only will they make things a lot more convenient for you, but they will also help you drive more sales without spending a ton of money.

The functionality of all the Wix apps is quite simple, so even a total beginner can start using them.

If you want to read more business-related articles, then you should undoubtedly check out our blog.

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