One Platform,
Endless Possibilities

Platform Features

What Kinds of Things Can You Create?

Skill Templates Make It Easy

Fera comes with dozens of skill templates that make it easy for you to add social proof, urgency and drive higher conversions without requiring a developer.

What You Also Get

Limitless Customization

Customize themes, CSS, templates and even behavior with JavaScript.

Top-Tier Live Support

A-Class Support Team with availability over-the-phone during daylight hours for most countries.

Developer Friendly APIs

Developer-friendly API to customize when, where and how content shows.

Language Support

10+ languages supported out of the box including German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese and more

Lightning Fast Servers

High-speed, enterprise-grade, cloud computing servers with a 200ms response time gurantee.

Safety & Compliance

Enterprise-grade secure servcers, PCI-DSS compatible codebase, GDPR compliant systems, user audit trails and more.

Easy integration with:

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