Fera gives your customers a new online shopping experience that makes them feel more like they’re in an actual store with other patrons. The results are increased urgency and social validation, both of which dramatically increase conversions.

Customer & Stock Counters

“14 people viewing this product”

Shows customers the # of other people viewing the current product.

“5 people like you recently bought this”

Reports the # of customers that recently purchased the product, creating social validation.

“Only 5 left!”

Displays low stock alerts to customers such as “Only 3 left!” when inventory is low.

“Order within 01:07:32 to get it by Friday”

Show a countdown in the product page that tells the customer how much time left to order in order to get the product ASAP.

“3 people have this in their cart”

Displays the # of users who are about to checkout, increasing urgency with inventory levels.

Social Proof Feeds

“John from Orangeville, California just purchased this”

Shows recent purchases from customers to increase social proof.

“John from Orangeville, California just started checking out”

Shows when visitors start checking out with products.

No pop-ups

Social proof messages are built into product pages. No pop-ups by design.

Checkout & Promo Timers

“Checkout within 4:34 to avoid losing your order!”

Displays timers in the checkout process to increase the likelihood a customer completes their order.

Countdown Promo Bars

Displays a promo of your choosing with a discount that counts down until a specified date.

Intelligent Count Resuming

Intelligently detects when customers have moved around the site and resets the timer only when it makes sense to.

Powerful Management Dashboard

Built-in A-B Testing

Allows you to make changes on your website and test which ones work better by comparing the conversation rates of each to prove that your changes are making a positive impact on your conversion rate.

Simple Design & Text Customization

Easy-to-use design editor (that requires no coding knowledge) and pre-defined themes.

Live Shopper Dashboard

Shows you customers currently shopping in your store in real time and tells you what they’re doing.

Strong Developer Resources


Lets you connect to your data remotely using the Public and Private HTTP APIs.

PHP SDK & Ruby Gem

We provide a PHP SDK and a Ruby Gem to make development easier.

Javascript API

We provide Java-script API to customize behavior in the storefront.

Other Features

8+ Languages Included

The following langues are supported out of the box: English, German, Spanish, Swedish, French, Indonesian, Norwegian, Portuguese and Thai.

Fully Translatable

Since all templates are editable, social proof and urgency features can be translated into any language.

Easy To Install

Installs on Shopify and other eCommerce platforms within a few clicks – developer needed.
Try it out risk-free today.
For a limited time we’re even offering free installation and customization!
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