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Customer Reviews

Show product reviews and ratings from your customers on your product pages and beyond.

Reading product reviews increases shopper trust since they know the product they’re buying will work.

Don’t show zero reviews

Hide reviews when there are none or show reviews from similar products. Even hide the write review link for non-customers.

Show reviews in Google results

Product reviews with Fera are SEO-friendly and will show up in search engine results.

Review photos & videos

Let customers attach photos and videos to their reviews and display them in your product reviews list.

Other Features

  • Automatic Review Requests

    Create content campaigns that can automatically send review, photo and/or video requests to customers X days after order fulfillment. Learn more.

  • Import reviews from other systems.

    Import your existing reviews from Yotpo, Loox, Judge.me, Stamped, CSV files and more. View integrations.

  • Reply to reviews

    Reply to the reviews that your customers make to increase trust and mitigate low rating effects.

  • Verification by Fera.

    Fera will automatically attach a “verified real buyer” badge to shoppers that it has confirmed really purchased the products they’re reviewing.

  • Attach compelling incentives.

    Reward customers who submit reviews with cash, points or discounts through content campaigns. Learn more.

  • Curate quality reviews.

    Approve or decline reviews that are submitted through content campaigns, as well as touch up typos and other mistakes made by customers.

Easily customize anything

Any aspect of content shown with Fera is easily customizable - no developer required.
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You’re in good hands

Fera is built by a world-class engineering team based out of North America. We’re almost always available to help via live chat.

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