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  • If your revenue is

    Under $5k/mo


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  • If your revenue is

    $5k – $50k/mo


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  • If your revenue is

    $50k – $200k/mo

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  • If your revenue is

    Over $200k/mo

Plan Comparision

BASIC ($9/mo) Small ($29/mo) Medium ($99/mo) CUSTOM
Customer Reviews Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Customer Photos Unlimited * Unlimited * Unlimited * Unlimited *
Customer Videos Unlimited * Unlimited * Unlimited * Unlimited *
Testimonials Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Shopper Events Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
BASIC ($9/mo) Small ($29/mo) Medium ($99/mo) CUSTOM
Max Active Widgets 3 10 20 50+
Social Proof
Product Reviews
Customer Photos
Customer Videos
Testimonial Carousels
Average Rating Badge
Social Proof Feeds
Social Proof Popups
Low Stock Counter
Recently Sold Counter
Shopper Counters
Logo Banner
Cart Trust Icons
Free Shipping Top Bar
Free Shipping In Cart
Upsell in Cart
Bogo Banner
Push Notifications
Mobile Add to Cart Button
Get It By Timer
Countdown Timer
BASIC ($9/mo) Small ($29/mo) Medium ($99/mo) CUSTOM
A/B Testing
Shopper Journeys
Order Journeys
Content Stats
BASIC ($9/mo) Small ($29/mo) Medium ($99/mo) CUSTOM
Review Requests Sent / mo 100 1000 10k Over 100k
Content Request Campaigns
Discount Incentives (Fixed or %)
Loyalty Point Incentives *
Cash-back Incentives *
Content Approval System
BASIC ($9/mo) Small ($29/mo) Medium ($99/mo) CUSTOM
Max Users (Admins) 1 3 5 10+
Real-time Personalization
Audit Trails
Custom Conditions
Mutli-store Management
Developer Customization Only during trial
Support for 9+ languages
Custom Styles & Themes
Unbranded Emails
Live Support Dedicated

Sales Gain Calculator

Use this calculator to figure out what plan you should be on and what you can expect in terms of gains and ROI (Return On Investment)

Choose average monthly revenue

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Our free plan allows you to run up to 1 live skill (like a reviews block, social proof feed, counter, etc) and has limits on the number of review/photo/video requests that can be automatically sent through Fera per month. Once you exceed those limits you will be asked to upgrade.

You sure can! You are not required to sign a fixed-term contract. We will keep innovating and helping your store succeed as long as you stay subscribed :).

We calculate 'average monthly revenue' by looking at your last 60 days of revenue (and dividing it by 2). You can downgrade or upgrade at any time if your average monthly revenue changes.

Widgets are like 'apps' within Fera that can do different things, such as display a countdown promo bar or show of some social proof.

If your average monthly revenue changes we will not automatically change your account. You will be contacted. If you need to downgrade because your sales are lower we can absolutely do that for you. If you need to upgrade because your sales have gone significantly higher that's no problem as well (actually that's a great thing!)

Absolutely! Fera is super easy to set up and launch. If you want some extra help, sign up for one of our paid plans and we'll help get you set up! However, if you're on our medium or larger plans we're happy to install it for you and walk you through a demo.

We have found that the average monthly revenue that your store brings in is relative to your usage of and the ROI (Return On Investment) you see, so it is a good way to help us cover our costs. Also, it aligns our interests so that we are directly motivated to help your business grow and put more money in your pocket. Other software solutions take a cut regardless of the success of your business - we bet on your success instead!

Yes! We have plenty of custom pricing options for your business. Please contact us and we'll let you know what we can offer.

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