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Incentivize larger purchases with BOGO discounts.
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About This Skill:

The new Buy One Get One skill helps you promote larger checkouts in your Shopify, BigCommerce or other platform store.

Customize your BOGO Promotion

Choose how many products need to be purchased to qualify, and how many products are given at a discount.

Customize the Banner Appearance

Customize how the promotion looks in your store and what content/images you want to display.

BOGO Won't Show If Product is Out Of Stock

The BOGO skill automatically detects if the product being promoted is out of stock, and if so it will not show the banner to shoppers.

Decide on Banner Conditions

Use the standard Fera condition system to fine-tune specific use cases of when you want the promotion to show and when you do not want it to show.

Why Add This Skill?

  • Increase Average Order Size

Store Sections This Runs:

  • Global

Compatible Platforms:

  • Shopify
  • BigCommerce


  • Personalized Promotion
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