We’re always looking for ways to make setting up skills easier for you! We recently launched 10 new pre-designed themes for you to choose from for your promo bar skill campaigns.

We’ll be updating the pre-designed themes for each skill type often, so be sure to log into your dashboard and check out the skills marketplace often.

Aren’t using any Fera promo bar skills yet?

Promo Bar skills are very powerful, since they show up on top of the site and get the user’s attention without blocking the rest of the experience. You can make some really cool countdown bars with Fera today. If you’re not using them you should definitely check them out!

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One thought on “Promo Bar Easy Themes Added”

  • Great feature addition! I only just noticed it today so I’ve now subscribed to the blog to ensure I don’t miss updates.

    Maybe use a promo bar in the Dashboard to notify us of updates 😉

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