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Whether purchasing a hoodie or booking a flight, customers love to see what others think before making the final decision!

Believe it or not - this actually gives them extra confidence and knowledge about the product itself.

In today's article, we will be discussing the most important product review statistics you need to know.

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Let's begin with the online review statistics list.

Product Reviews Help Build Trust

  1. About 93% of customers read online product reviews.

    Source: Qualtrics

  2. Over 49% of shoppers trust product reviews as much as personal suggestions from family members.

    Source: Brightlocal

  3. 15% of users don't trust companies without reviews.

    Source: Trustpulse

  4. 73% of consumers agree that UGC increases their purchasing confidence.

    Source: Retail Dive

  5. The average consumer goes through 4 to 6 reviews before making the final decision.

    Source: Invesp

  6. Sadly, 62% of customers think they've seen a fake review in the past few years.

    Source: Brightlocal

  7. Only 6% of consumers don't trust customer reviews at all.

    Source: Statista

Product Reviews Build Trust

Product Reviews Increase Sales

  1. Online product reviews can lift conversions by more than 270%

    Source: Trustpulse

  2. A 0.1% star rating increase can boost sales by 25%.

    Source: Uberall

  3. For 90% of Americans, product reviews are the most crucial part of the purchase decision.

    Source: Martech Zone

  4. Customers are willing to spend 31% more money on businesses that have online reviews.

    Source: Biteinto

  5. The overall purchase likelihood increases by 15% when customers read verified reviews over anonymous ones.

    Source: Learn G2

  6. When reviews are displayed on lower-priced products, the conversion rate increases by 190%.

    Source: Spiegel

  7. When reviews are displayed on higher-priced products, the conversion rate increases by 380%.

    Source: Spiegel

  8. Customers reading product reviews on a mobile device are 127% more likely to make a purchase than desktop users.

    Source: Martech Zone

  9. Reviews produce an average of 18% uplift in sales.

    Source: WThe World Financial

  10. 82% of customers visit review sites because they are interested in purchasing a product.

    Source: RevLocal

Focus on Product Reviews

Product Reviews Boost SEO

  1. Product ratings are displayed in product listings, appearing as 1 to 5-star ratings.

    Source: Google Support

  2. On average, product reviews contribute to 15.44% of search engine rankings

    Source: Chatmeter

  3. Online stores with product reviews saw as much as a 25% increase in organic search engine traffic.

    Source: Brightlocal

  4. Businesses that rank in the first 3 spots have an average of 47 reviews.

    Source: Brightlocal

  5. Businesses in positions 7 to 10 have around 38 reviews in total.

    Source: Brightlocal

Google Average Rating Badge

Product Reviews Improve Customer's Experience

  1. 64% of Americans have agreed that user-generated content (UGC) improved their overall shopping experience.

    Source: Statista

  2. Nearly two-thirds of US customers agree that UGC is more interesting than content created by the brand.

    Source: Nosto

  3. 35% of customers would leave a review to inform others about their overall customer experience.

    Source: Podium

  4. While 24% of customers would rather direct their initial review to the company itself.

    Source: Podium

Product Reviews Improve Customer's Experience

What is the average percentage of people leaving reviews?

Here are the average review submission rates based on the eCommerce industry (Source: Fera):

  • Services and Consulting: 32%
  • Food and Drink: 18%
  • Jewelry: 18%
  • Home and Furniture: 16%
  • Plants and Garden: 15%
  • Sports and Recreation: 13%
  • Fashion and Apparel: 12%
  • Gifts and Collectibles: 11%
  • Electronics and Gadgets: 11%
  • Beauty and Cosmetics: 10%
  • Automotive: 10%
  • Pets and Animals: 9%
  • Health Care: 7%
  • Toys and Games: 6%
  • Art and Photography: 5%
  • Stationary and Office: 4%

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Average Review Submission By Industry

Asking For Reviews Is Important

  1. Over 74% of customers would consider writing a review.

    Source: Brightlocal

  2. 70% of users would leave a review for a company only when asked.

    Source: Search Engine Land

  3. 36.8% of consumers ages 18-65+ prefer to leave reviews on a business' website.

    Source: Brightlocal

  4. 67% of customers will consider writing a review for a positive experience, while 40% will only consider leaving a product review for a negative experience.

    Source: Brightlocal

  5. In a recent study, customers were asked which is the best way for businesses to ask for reviews; here are the results:

    Source: Brightlocal

    • In an email (41%)
    • On a receipt (35%)
    • On SMS (27%)
    • Over the phone (13%)

Impact Of Positive Product Reviews

  1. 61% of businesses have an average rating between 4 to 5 stars.

    Source: Brightlocal

  2. Around 97% of consumers would spread their positive opinion if they received great value during the interaction with the company.

    Source: Gartner

  3. 80% of customers state that they would be likely to leave a review if they had a negative experience that was altered into a positive one.

    Source: Brightlocal

  4. 48% of users will visit a company's website after going through a few positive reviews.

    Source: Vendasta

  5. 9% of customers will phone a company after reading positive reviews.

    Source: Vendasta

  6. 65% of US consumers find that a positive customer experience is actually more influential than good advertising.

    Source: PWC

  7. Customers are willing to spend over 31% more on a company with positive reviews.

    Source: Qualtrics

Impact Of Positive Product Reviews

Impact Of Negative Product Reviews

  1. 7% of customers only leave product reviews for negative experiences.

    Source: Brightlocal

  2. 68% of customers want to see mixed reviews (negative and positive) to believe they are actually authentic.

    Source: Broadly

  3. When shoppers interact with negative reviews, they spend 5 x longer on the website.

    Source: Reevo

  4. Only 5% of businesses have a star rating below 3 stars.

    Source: Brightlocal

  5. Negative feedback can have a bad impact on your ranking.

    Source: Moz

  6. More than 4 negative reviews can decrease sales by 70%.

    Source: Trustulse

  7. 86% of people hesitate about doing business with a company that has negative reviews.

    Source: Invesp

  8. It takes around 40 positive reviews to undo the severe damage of a single negative review.

    Source: INC

  9. 83.5% of customers wouldn't consider a business with a 3-star rating or below.

    Source: Blumenthals

  10. 6% of users expect businesses to reply to negative reviews in 1-3 hours.

    Source: Get Five Stars

Impact Of Negative Product Reviews

Other Fun Product Review Statistics

  1. Around 66% of Americans trust anonymous reviews more than suggestions from ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends.

    Source: Word of Mouth Report

  2. Best-selling products’ have a 4.2-4.7 rating.

    Source: Webtribunal

  3. Customers spend up to 49% at businesses that reply to their reviews.

    Source: Womply

  4. Individuals reading reviews on mobile devices are 127% more likely to make a purchase decision than desktop users.

    Source: Martech Zone

  5. Over 73% of all customers value written reviews more than the overall star rating.

    Source: Fan and Fuel

  6. The average product review has basically gotten 65% shorter since 2010.

    Source: Review Trackers

  7. 82% of customers visit review websites because they want to purchase a product.

    Source: RevLocal

  8. 89% of consumers purchase within a week of visiting a review site, while 29% do so within 24 hours.

    Source: RevLocal

  9. 85% of users don't trust reviews older than three months.

    Source: Search Engine Land

  10. 65% of customers look at online reviews on a weekly basis.

    Source: Podium

  11. Google holds over 57.5% of all reviews worldwide.

    Source: Review Trackers

  12. 60% of all buyers post reviews on Amazon.

    Source: Review Monitoring

Other Review Statistics

How to Take Advantage of Product Reviews?

Now that you know how important product reviews are to your business, here are some ways that you can leverage them!

Ask For Reviews

You should be asking customers for a review after they make a purchase.

For your instance, Fera can help you out by sending unique review requests to customers.

This way, you can sit back and relax while growing reviews automatically.

Showcase Them On Your Site

After you collect the reviews, you can use Fera's beautiful widgets to showcase them on your website.

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Respond to product reviews

Fera makes this easy by giving you reminders to respond when you have reached a certain number of reviews that haven't been replied to.

Remember, a customer took the time to leave you a review, so you should use your time to respond to them!

Here is a guide to responding to positive and negative reviews.

Share product reviews on social media

Always share your positive reviews on social media to amplify your reach!

Here are some tips:

  1. Try to keep the social media post description short and straight to the point - this increases engagement.
  2. Use a specific photo review on your Instagram and tag the product that is mentioned.
  3. Share text-based reviews on Twitter or Facebook with a professional product photo.
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