Showcasing product reviews from your customers on your eCommerce lets your customers know how popular and amazing your products are!

What to do when you get a negative product review

Every once in awhile your store will get a negative product review. Don’t let negative product reviews scare you as you can’t please everyone.

However, you can deal with negative reviews so that you effectively help your customer and show shoppers that you are a business that is willing to fix its mistakes.

A guide to dealing with positive and negative reviews

Follow this guide to learn the best way to respond to positive and negative reviews.

How to Respond to Positive Reviews

When you receive positive reviews from your customers and post them on your eCommerce store, it will add social proof!

Positive reviews will inspire new visitors to purchase from you since they see others buying and loving your products.

  1. Reply to each and every review 
  2. Express your gratitude for their positive review and address them by name where applicable 
  3. Address any positive feedback and respond to specific details they mention 
  4. Post positive reviews and customer photos to your social media as a form of marketing using  user-generated content

Positive Reviews

Why you should respond to positive product reviews

You want to respond to your customers that leave reviews so they know that their good deed didn’t go unnoticed! At the end of the day, your customers don't have to leave you a review or give you feedback, but they did!

Responding to reviews is the perfect opportunity to start building a relationship with your best customers. At this point in your customer journey, you can turn a happy customer into a promoter or repeat customer!

Positive review response templates

Template #1

Hi [Customer Name],

Thank you for the 5-stars! We appreciate your business, and we hope to see you again soon!

Template #2

Hi [NAME],

We are so happy to have you as part of the [your brand] family! Thanks for sharing your awesome experience with us.

We're happy you liked [insert specific thing from their review here]. Your review and satisfaction mean the world to us!

Responding To Positive Reviews

How to Respond to Negative Reviews

Now once you start asking for reviews from your customers, you may come across a few that are negative. You may be inclined to delete or hide these negative comments, but you should actually still post them and respond to them.

Posting negative reviews shows that you are a genuine brand and the way you respond to negative comments will show how much you care about customer satisfaction.

  1. Apologize and sympathize in your response to the negative review.
  2. Acknowledge the customer's concerns. Insert a little marketing in your response to the bad review.
  3. Move the conversation offline to continue it in private.
  4. Keep your response simple, short, and sweet.

Remember not to get discouraged by bad reviews as they happen to the best of us. Instead, see them as a way to learn and use that feedback to make your business even better!

Why you should respond to negative product reviews

Responding to negative reviews shows that you genuinely care about customer feedback. Also, responding to a negative review is a good way to win back a customer! That's because when people feel listened to and supported, they are more likely to buy again or recommend you to their friends. Responding To Negative Reviews

Negative review response template starters

Template #1

We’re sorry that [your product] didn’t fit your needs...[insert solution here]. Thank you for your feedback as it helps us make our product better!

Template #2

Hey there [Customer Name], 

We’re sorry to hear your experience with [your brand] was less than 5-stars.

Let us know if you are open to discussing your experience and letting us know how we can give you a 5-star experience, please call/email us at [contact info].

How to Gather More Product Reviews

Here’s a step by step list on how to gather more reviews with Fera:
  1. Add product reviews to your store
  2. Set up a review request campaign
  3. Create incentives
  4. Approve all reviews and respond accordingly

Now you will be able to build trust with your shoppers when they see product reviews on each product page. If you want to get more reviews, check out this article on review request campaigns.

How to Display Product Reviews with Fera

Display your product reviews on your eCommerce store with Fera in 4 different ways:

Product Reviews

Product Reviews Example

Average Rating Badge

Average Rating Badge Example

Testimonial Carousel

Testimonial Carousel Example

Wall of Photos

Wall Of Photos Example