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best wix apps jewelry storesWix is one of the most popular tools for companies that want to make their fortune in the online world.

One of the biggest benefits of utilizing Wix is the ability to install various third-party applications - like customer support, product reviews, management tools, etc.

You really don’t need any sort of coding knowledge or experience to use these tools - and that is the best part about Wix!

All you need is to find an app on the official Wix App Market, install it on your web page, and start using it - it’s really as simple as that.

However, as soon as you start going through all of the applications, you will be able to see that not each app is perfectly suitable for your store’s niche.

In today’s guide article, we will take a deep look at the 5 best Wix apps that jewelry brands can use to their advantage.

Top Wix Apps for Jewelry Stores

Be sure that you stay until the end - this way, you won’t miss out on any important pieces of info.

Let us start with the first spot of our deluxe listing and steadily proceed through all the other ones as well.

What Are The Best Wix Apps for Jewelry Stores?

  1. Visitor Analytics App
  2. Modalyst - Dropshipping App
  3. Smile: Points & Rewards
  4. Fera Product Reviews
  5. Custom Background Music

1. Visitor Analytics

Visitor Analytics App 4.6 stars with 1,550+ reviews

Data is extremely important for any sort of business, even jewelry stores. And the best way to track all your website statistics is by using the all-in-one Visitor Analytics App.

Visitor Analytics

Why You Need Visitor Analytics App:

  • Receive a total overview of all your website impressions (views, clicks, etc.)
  • See your website's performance in comparison to all your competitors
  • Completely optimize all of your visitor conversion funnels with ease

Visitor Analytics App Pricing:

  • Free Plan - Up To 400 Page Visits. 2 Visitor Recordings, and 1 Heatmap
  • Basic Plan ($8.99) - Up To 100,000 Page Visits. 15 Premium Visitor Recordings, and 2 Heatmaps
  • Advanced Plan ($17.99) - Up To 250,000 Page Visits. 25,000 Visitor Recordings, and 15 Heatmaps
  • Pro Plan ($29.99) - Up To 500,000 Page Visits. 50,000 Visitor Recordings, and 25 Heatmaps

Type Of Jewelry Stores Visitor Analytics App Is Best For:

It’s completely suitable for any kind of jewelry eCommerce store.

2. Modalyst

Modalyst - Dropshipping App 4.4 stars with 730+ reviews

On the runner-up spot of our listing, we have the Modalyst - Dropshipping App. Essentially, this tool will allow you to import all kinds of products from the one and only Ali Express.

After that, all you actually need to do is set your price, write a description, and launch the product on your site.

best wix apps jewelry stores

Why You Need Modalyst - Dropshipping App:

  • Source well-known brands, trending items, and popular niche suppliers in one simple dashboard
  • Fully automate your eCommerce store operations with just one simple click (adding products in bulk, routing orders to your suppliers, etc.)

Modalyst - Dropshipping App Pricing:

  • Free Plan - Up to 25 products & Unlimited Orders
  • Startup Plan ($35/month) - Up to 250 products & Personalized invoices
  • Pro Plan ($90/month) - Unlimited number of products & Access to brand name items

Type Of Jewelry Stores Smile: Points & Rewards is Best For:

For jewelry store owners that are doing dropshipping.


Smile: Points & Rewards 4.3 stars with 260+ reviews

Smile is unquestionably one of the most prevalent loyalty programs around the world. With the assistance of this particular app, you will be capable of transforming your customers into strong advocates for your brand.

best wix apps jewelry stores

Why You Need Smile: Points & Rewards:

  • Reward your customers for actions like placing an order, social media sharing, or celebrating a birthday
  • Gives your customers access to several exclusive perks and attractive discount

Smile: Points & Rewards Pricing:

  • Basic Plan (Free) - Offer discounts for redeeming points & Reward for social sharing & birthdays
  • Premium Plan ($49/month) - All features on the "Free" plan + Advanced program branding & Progressive analytics

Type Of Jewelry Stores Smile: Points & Rewards is Best For:

It's mainly fitting for jewelry stores that want to increase their relationship with their customers.


Fera Reviews 4.9 stars with 2,880+ reviews

Want to build trust with your customers?

Well, with the assistance of Fera, you will be able to easily collect customer reviews and display them everywhere in your store - this will help your business appear more established and trustworthy, and encourage visitors to make a purchase.

best review app wix - fera

Why You Need Fera Product Reviews:

  • Automatically send nice-designed review requests to all of your consumers
  • Have your consumer reviews show in Google Search and Google Shopping
  • Manage all of your customer submissions (approve or decline)

Fera Product Reviews Pricing:

Smaller Plans:

  • Free Plan - 10 review requests per month
  • Start-Up Plan ($9/mo) - 100 review requests per month
  • Small ($29/month) - 1,000 review requests per month
  • Medium ($99/month) - 10,000 review requests sent per month

Larger Plans:

  • Semi-Large ($199/mo) - 25.000 review requests per month
  • Large ($299/mo) - 50.000 review requests per month
  • X-Large ($599/mo) - 100.000 review requests per month
  • Enterprise ($999/mo) - 200.000 review requests per month

Type Of Jewelry Stores Fera Product Reviews Is Best For:

The app is primarily intended for businesses that want to generate more customer reviews.

5. Music by Effective Apps

Custom Background Music by Effective Apps 4.8 stars with 230+ reviews

Create an amazing & unique browsing experience on your Wix jewelry website by adding some nice & chill music in the background - this will alleviate your visitors and encourage them to continue their shopping for as long as possible.

best wix apps jewelry stores

Why Do You Need Custom Background Music?

  • Choose whether the specific song will play in the background of the whole site or just on the homepage
  • Design the background music widget as you prefer - color, size, positioning

Custom Background Music Pricing:

  • Free Plan (FREE) - You can only choose among 100 royalty-free songs
  • Premium Plan ($2.99/month) - You can choose from thousands of royalty-free songs and even upload your own music too

Type Of Jewelry Stores Custom Background Music Is Best For?

Best for jewelry stores that want to reduce the viewer bounce rate.


What makes these Wix apps ideal for jewelry stores specifically?
These apps cater to the unique needs of jewelry stores, like showcasing products attractively (Fera Reviews), managing inventory efficiently (Modalyst), and enhancing customer loyalty (
Do I need technical skills to install and use these apps on my Wix site?
Nope, you don't. These apps are designed for easy installation and use, even if you're not a tech whiz.
Can I try these apps before committing to a paid plan?
Absolutely! Most of these apps offer free plans or trials, so you can test them out and see what works best for your store.
How do these apps help in increasing sales for a jewelry store?
They help in various ways: Visitor Analytics optimizes your site based on visitor behavior, Fera Reviews builds trust through customer reviews, and keeps customers coming back with rewards.
Are these apps suitable for a small startup jewelry business or just for large-scale stores?
They're versatile. Whether you're just starting out or already established, these apps can scale to your business needs.
Can I integrate these apps with other tools I'm already using on my Wix site?
Generally, yes. These apps are designed to work well with other Wix features and third-party tools, but always check for specific compatibilities.
How do these apps impact the overall customer experience on my jewelry site?
They enhance it big time. From making your site more engaging with music (Custom Background Music) to simplifying the purchase process (Modalyst), they're all about giving your customers a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience.
Is there any support available if I face issues with these apps?
Yep, each app typically offers customer support for troubleshooting and assistance.


All of the Wix integrations mentioned above are extremely crucial for each aspect of your jewelry store.

Now, you just need to add these apps to your Wix store!

*All information is based on the Shopify app store listings as of January 2024.

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