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Did you know that the average customer spends around 30 minutes going through reviews and responses?

Also, over 91% of individuals (aged between 18 and 34) trust reviews as much as personal suggestions.

However, a 5-star rating isn't enough to make your brand stand out from the competition.

The best reviews provide valuable feedback and insights into the product. Not only will this improve your online sales, but it will also help you create a strong portfolio for your brand.

Beautiful, simple reviews for your site

Easily collect, show & grow customer reviews, photos & videos for your business.

Without further ado, let's see what the main elements of a good customer review are.

Detailed & Precise

First things first, you want your reviews to be incredibly detailed and precise. A 5-star review that has “Excellent experience” written on it won’t do the job here.

Even though it's good to have a top-star rating, detailed feedback can help customers understand what makes you so unique and why they should choose your company from all the available options on the internet.

Good feedback should cover the following questions:

  • Did the individual get what they were looking for?
  • Is he satisfied with the overall quality?
  • Were there any issues?

But, just remember - too much information might get your readers overwhelmed. So, that's why customers need to be precise.

Here is a perfect example of a satisfied customer reviews:

Detailed & Precise


Ideally, satisfied customer reviews need to have some constructive criticism as well.

Not only will this help you improve in the near future, but it will also give customers more confidence knowing that a real person writes these reviews.

Plus, it also gives buyers a feeling of their “worst case” scenario.

This is an excellent example of an honest review:

Truthful Review

Feature Pictures

A happy picture of your shopper can certainly provide an in-depth and authentic feel to literally any review.

Thanks to this, your visitors can see your products in action, which can, later on, help them make a more reasonable purchasing decision.

Review That Feature Pictures

The images make the review more attractive and show what the cocktails actually look like.

Grammatically Correct

No one really enjoys reading reviews that are full of different spelling mistakes.

The text doesn't need to sound like aa award-winning author has written it.

However, it should be easy to understand and enjoyable to read.

For instance, take a look at this specific review and tell us what you think…

Grammatically Incorrect Review

You guessed that right.

The review is incredibly unappealing and might also cause customers to leave your page.

So, even though it's good feedback, it might result in a negative impact on your business rather than a positive one.

Mentions Employees

A review that mentions employees can be incredibly helpful for your business.

It ensures future customers that real human beings will resolve their issues and fulfill their demands.

Plus, it will motivate your team members to strive even further and offer a better experience to the customer.

Review That Mentions Employees

As you can see, the customer highlighted both employees and explained what they specifically worked on.

Has a (Store) Response

This is where you, as a business owner, step in.

Over 30% of customers have stated that business responses are the main key when making a judgment.

Review That Has a Response

Not responding to your reviews (positive or negative) can be a big big mistake for your business.

So, if you're not managing your online reviews, now it's the perfect time to start doing it.

How to Start Generating Good Customer Reviews?

Fera Product Reviews is one of the best apps for collecting and showcasing good reviews (with images and videos) on your site.

It has automatic email campaigns and customizable widgets to make things easier.

Beautiful, simple reviews for your site

Easily collect, show & grow customer reviews, photos & videos for your business.

The app is available on several platforms, including Shopify, Wix, BigCommerce, and even on Custom stores.

You can easily set it up in a few minutes without a problem - it doesn’t require a degree in programming or past experience.

Customer support is available all of the time!

Conclusion: Satisfied Customer Reviews Examples FTW

In short, good product reviews aren't easy to get, but they can help you get more sales in the most convenient way possible.

Hopefully, you enjoyed your time while going through all the business examples.

If you want to keep on reading more about the unusual world of eCommerce, check out our blog.

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