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Do you know the power of customer product review on your eCommerce website?

Every great eCommerce website has powerful customer reviews or testimonial pages on their site- why? Because social proof is a psychological and social phenomenon.

Using social proof like reviews is an excellent marketing strategy for every business owner to employ. Reviews help you validate your products, services, and company. Reviews also help increase sales and get customers to trust you!

product reviews ecommerce

A solid customer reviews page will showcase compelling quotes from past, and current customers that make buying your product seem like such a good idea. These reviews will make your shoppers feel confident about purchasing your product online.

Great reviews on your eCommerce website tell people that your business is not only legitimate but that your products work, helping you build trust among your customers.

90% of online customers report that they read online reviews before purchasing a product or service.

Email Reviews

Reviews are how most customers decide which product to buy or whose service to employ.

According to a study conducted by BrightLocal, 85% of online shoppers trust reviews just as much as personal recommendations. Online reviews influence over 93% of consumers’ decisions.

Besides helping to validate your products, services, or business, getting your customers to write reviews online increases your Google and SEO ranking, making it easier for customers to find you.

Why you need to send review requests (and display reviews)

Display Video Reviews

Companies need reviews so they can come across as professional and trustworthy. The problem is that most customers need to be asked to send reviews. For most people, leaving a review wouldn’t even cross their minds.

Reviews build trust on your website

Visitors find your website more trustworthy when there’s evidence of authentic reviews. Other customer reviews are more like a recommendation of your companies’ product or service that motivates shoppers to buy.

Reviews answer shoppers’ questions

Customers wondering what a product does, how it works, its durability and effectiveness, find their answers to these in reviews.

How do you get customer reviews for your product page?

Getting high volumes of reviews won’t just appear overnight on your product pages; getting them will take some work on your part.
You can get your customer’s review in any of the following ways below.

Ask a happy customer

review request templates

This may seem very obvious, but asking a customer who purchased from you (and who had a positive experience with your business) to write a review is the first step in building up your credibility.

It is also essential that you train your employees on the best practices to ask for reviews (this will be discussed later in the article) for example:

Happy customer: [comes singing your praises]

Business owner: That is so great to hear (happy customer’s name). We try our best to [do what you are being praised for]. Thank you so much (happy customer’s name) for taking the time to provide your feedback.

Happy customer: Thank you, for providing such excellent service! Will definitely return

Business owner: These kinds of comments really help prospective clients feel more confident in buying from us. Could you take a few minutes to write what you just said in a quick review on [product page]? That would be awesome.

Send emails to your past customers

It’s crucial that you send review request emails to customers after you make a sale, but if you forget, you can always send your past customers a onetime review request though product review apps like Fera.

Asking your past customers to leave a few words or photos to highlight their experience is one of the easiest way to get reviews for your store.

Simple review request email template

getting review requests emails

Hi [Customer Name],

Please take a few minutes to leave us a review of your last order.

Submit your review, photos, and videos here. It really helps us grow our business.


Best Practices for Review Request Emails

Asking For Reviews From Customers

Have a good subject line

You need to have an attention grabbing review request subject line so your customers click your email!

Make it easy to leave a review

The only time customers are willing to go out of their way to write reviews is when it’s to complain or leave negative reviews or if they had the best service ever.

To encourage the average purchaser to leave a review, you’ll need to make the process quick and easy.

Stay true to your brand

Honest and transparent review requests boost a company’s reputation and help build customer loyalty.

Personalize your review requests

Customers appreciate reviews that are user-specific and relate them individually.

Send reviews at the right time

Reviews should be sent when users have had enough time to try out the product to give accurate feedback. 

when to send campaigns

Offer customers incentives

This involves offering loyalty points, gifts, or coupons to customers who leave reviews.

Ask for reviews from past customers

Often the best people to get reviews from our customers who already use your product or service or have been consistent and loyal customers over the years.

These are more likely to give positive reviews.

Review Request Email Templates You Can Swipe

review request templates

If you have an eCommerce store or work in a customer care department, you’ll find that customer feedback plays a vital role in your company’s growth.

Not only do reviews build trust with your shoppers and help you make more sales. The information provided by customers in reviews can help identify the areas of your business that need improvement.

Follow these review templates to get customer feedback!

General/All-purpose review request email templates

This customer review template will serve as your guide to creating a review request email that gets good feedback from your customers.

General review request email template

Hi [Customer Name],

Thanks for being a loyal [company] customer! We value your feedback, and we’d appreciate it if you could take 2 minutes to share your thoughts with the world!

When you leave a review, you’ll get [incentive]!


[Your Name]

Bonus: In-depth customer survey

review request templates

If you are selling a high-ticket item that requires follow-up like delivery, or maintenance, you can direct your customer service team to ask these in-depth questions.

The only advice to follow here is not to ask them all at once!

Simply use the most relevant questions to solicit one-on-one feedback.

On a scale of 1-10:

  • How likely are you to share [product] with a friend?

  • How do you rate our customer service?

  • Were our staff able to resolve your challenges?

  • How would you rate your overall customer experience?

  • Do tell us how we can make your experience better

  • Would you recommend our products to family and friends?

  • Please rate the quality of our products/service

  • Do you feel you received adequate value for the cost of the product?

  • How do you feel we can improve our products/services?

Product-specific review request email templates

Sometimes review requests need to be product-specific. 

When your review requests are product-specific, your customers will give greater detail and better feedback on the product.

Inviting customers to give reviews on each product purchased from your site may be pretty tedious.

That’s why a product review app like Fera makes it easy to ask for product-specific reviews from past customers.

Product-specific review request email template #1

[Customer Name],

Thank you for shopping with us. We hope you’re loving your purchases!

Please take two minutes to share your thoughts on [product] with other shoppers, and it would be a big help 😊.

Plus, if you leave a photo review, you will get [incentive]!

Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle

Grow Beauty Brand Photo Reviews Product Reviews4

Customer reviews for these products are essential.

Good reviews create the perception that your product's quality is high and your business is trustworthy. Not only that, but it creates major social proof when your past customers show off how they use your products in real life.

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Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Email Template #1

How’s it going [Customer Name]?

We want to know effective was the makeup kit you purchased on a scale of 1-5?

Thanks babe,

[Your Name]

Note: If you have a highly pigmented palette, you might ask about that. Be specific in the feedback you are looking for.

Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Email Template #2

Hey [Customer Name],

We hope you like your [product]. Can you let us know if the value of the product was in line with the cost?

Leave your review below, and you will get [inventive]

Chat soon,

[Your Name]

Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Email Template #3

Hello [Customer Name]! Let us know how you felt after using [product]!

Leave a review and get [incentive]!

Your review means a lot to other customers and us.

Much appreciated,

[Your Name]

Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Email Template #4

I hope you are having a great week [Customer Name]!

We hope you are loving [product]. Take a selfie of you wearing [product] and get 20% off your next purchase.

Have an awesome day,

[Your Name]

Notice how all of these templates are short and sweet. You want to cut to the chase and keep your text minimal. Let people know what you want and what’s in it for them!


asking for reviews for electronics

If you are selling electronics, you’ll want your reviews to portray responses on your product’s durability and effectiveness.

You might want to use these review request templates

Electronics review request email template #1

Hello [Customer Name],

Thanks for being a customer.

Just a quick question: How effective was the [product] you just purchased?

Leaving a review helps other customers make a good decision and helps our business grow.

Plus, you’ll get [incentive] when you leave a review.

Talk soon,

[Your Name]

Electronics review request email template #2

Hey [Customer Name],

We hope you are enjoying [product] you purchased a few weeks ago. Was our product able to deliver good value for money?

Leave a review to let us know!

Thanks a bunch,

[Your Name]

Electronics review request email template #3

Hey Hey [Customer Name],

You just purchased [product], and we really appreciate your business.

We always want to improve, so could you let us know how you would rate our product’s usefulness?

Talk soon,

[Your Name]

Health, Wellness, Medical

Grow Beauty Brand Photo Reviews Product Reviews4

Health, wellness, and medical products solve highly personal and essential problems for a customer. That is why customer reviews are taken very seriously by shoppers.

Shoppers need to know how effective your health, treatment, and recovery products are. Sometimes verified customer reviews are the best way for shoppers to determine if your product will be good for them.

To get helpful product reviews, you might want to use the following templates.

Health, wellness, and medical product review request email template #1

Hello [Customer Name],

We genuinely appreciate you purchasing [product].

Could you take a few seconds to leave a review here?

Your review would help others like you find the solution to their problem.

Thank you,

[Your Name]

Health, wellness, and medical product review template #2

Hello [Customer Name],

Can you take a second to let us know how you found the effectiveness of [product]?

Leave a quick video review and get [incentive] off your next purchase!

Talk soon,

[Your Name]


How To Run A Gift With Purchase Promotion Shopify 2

The customers who buy gifts are going to be focusing on the packaging and express delivery.

Your reviews should highlight how reliable, capable, and trustworthy your brand is in handling their expectations of giving the perfect gift.

These review request templates should hint at responses that touch on this information.

Gift store review request email template #1

Hello [Customer Name],

We hope that the special person in your life enjoyed the gift you gave them!

Could you let other customers know how quickly our gifts get delivered by leaving a review here?

We appreciate your feedback, and as a token of our appreciation, you’ll get a [incentive] when your review is approved!

Thanks a bunch,

[Your Name]

Gift store review request email template #2

I hope all is well with you [Customer Name],

Other customers want to know if our gifts look as good in person as they do online.

Can you help them out by leaving a photo review here?

Other gift-givers will appreciate it!

[Your Name]

Kids Toys

asking for reviews for different industries

It’s a given that you shouldn’t be communicating directly with kids.

That’s why you’ll have to frame your review requests in a way that makes parents want to share how happy their children are with your product.

Kids toy review request email template #1

Hello fellow parent!

Could you help us out by telling the world how much your child loves their new toy?

When you submit a photo of your child playing with their [product], you’ll get [incentive]!

Happy parenting,

[Your Name]

Kids toy review request email template #2

Hey [Customer Name],

Could you let us know how often your kids use our toys in their playtime?

When you submit feedback, you’ll be eligible to receive [incentive]!

Talk soon,

[Your Name]

Kids toy review request email template #3

Hello [Customer Name],

You’ve had [product] for a few months now. Could you let us know how durable it’s been?

We are always trying to make our product better, and your reviews help us get better :)


[Your Name]

Home/Office Furniture

asking for reviews for different industries

You’ll need review responses that will persuade and convince your potential clients that you provide first-rate and high-quality furniture.

You should always be asking for photos of your product in your customer's space, like:

Home decor and furniture review request email template #1

Hey [Customer Name],

We’re offering [incentive] to customers who take stunning photos of their [product] in their space?

Take a few seconds out of your day to leave a photo review here!

Chat soon,

[Your Name]

Home decor and furniture review request email template #2

Hello [Customer Name],

Can you let us know how comfortable you found [product]?

Leaving feedback helps other people make the right buying decision when on our online store.

Plus, you’ll get [incentive] for leaving a review!

[Your Name]

Personalized review template

review request templates

You’ll notice that all the reviews are personalized with at least the customer’s name!

There is a reason for that.

In most instances, customers will not respond when they sense an email review request is generic.

And there are stats to back this up.

  • 82% of marketers have reported an increase in response rates through email personalization

  • 77% of consumers buy more from a brand that provides personalized services or user experience

  • Personalized emails deliver 6 times higher response rates

Taking the time to write a personal note, with the inclusion of even non-generic, unique features (like name and location), can go a long way in making a customer feel valued and your review request worth responding to.

A sample personalized review request to customers who have purchased 3 times or more could look like this:

Hi [Customer Name],

As one of our best customers, especially with your recent purchase of [product], we truly value your opinion.

That’s why we wanted to reach out to you personally for your feedback on our products.

We would be very grateful if you could leave us a video review here and share your honest thoughts with the world.

Thanks so much!

[Your Name]

Follow up Email Templates To Request Customer Reviews (when they don't respond)

review request templates

Suppose customers don’t respond to review request emails (which is mostly the case). In that case, it often helps to re-request with a follow-up email, which should preferably contain information stating how valued the customer is how client satisfaction is a top priority.


Now that you have a good understanding of how review requests work, it should be much easier to customize your own product-specific, tailor-made email review.

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