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Okay, this one feels personal. Why? Because we love spirits, cider, and beer. And we know Canadians do too.

So, why can I get a box of toilet paper delivered to my door in the morning from Amazon, but my local brewery can’t deliver my beer to me?

But, guess what, they CAN deliver it to me; they don’t know how to.

So this week, for Build It Better, I looked at two brewery examples

Build It Better: Selling Alcohol Online in Canada - Moon Underwater

Why can I get a box of toilet paper delivered to my door in the morning from Amazon, but my local brewery can’t deliver my beer to me?

Moon Underwater vs Nicklebrook

I’d like to try Moon Underwater's Whisky (but I can’t because I can’t order it!).

On the other side of this comparison, I’ve helped configure Nicklebrook's online store and custom shipping setup, and I know I know thery are doing well selling online!

Moon Underwater is a Victoria, BC-based brewpub and distillery that uses Squarespace to host its website.

Their website acts mainly as a showcase for their products and in-person menus, with nothing available to purchase. **SAD FACE**

Nicklebrook is a Burlington, ON-based brewery that is using Shopify to host their website and has worked with me in the past to configure their custom shipping setup for Ontario deliveries.

They are successfully selling their products online all over Ontario.

Note: You do not need to work with a Shopify Partner to set up your shipping if you’re a brewery or distillery in Canada.

What is the difference, though? Both are breweries with in-person locations and fantastic products.

For breweries and distilleries, your online store has the potential to make you as much revenue, if not more, than your in-person store.

So, what are the steps to take as a Brewery to sell online:

  1. Sign up for a free Shopify trial.
  2. Import your products via CSV from your current inventory management system.
  3. Setup your collections and menu.
  4. Design your online store.
  5. Research and set up your unique shipping strategy.
  6. Setup and communicate your policies to your customers.
  7. Launch your store!

A more detailed guide and help pages can be found on Shopify, put together by their 24/7 support team.

Or, reach out to www.kaseddigital.com with any questions on your unique setup.

Worried your team doesn’t have time to build a new online store? Hire us, and we’ll have it launched within 4 weeks, working with your team to create a shipping strategy that works for your operations.

What are you waiting for?

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