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What is product grouping?

Product grouping is when you tell a reviews app like Fera to treat certain products that match similar attributes as a group that shares reviews, photos and videos.

What's an example of product grouping?

Here is a simple example of product grouping. Megan's Cupcake Shop sells baking cups. Not every baking cup has a review, but they are essentially the same product - they just have different patterns.

With product grouping, we will group all the baking cups together so that the reviews for one baking cup shows up for all of them!

grouping product reviews

How to Group Product Reviews

1. Locate the Product Groups tab To start setting up your product groups

  1. Log into your Fera Dashboard
  2. Go to Settings (locate the person icon with the gear icon)
  3. Select 'Product Groups' in the dropdown menu.

setting product groups

Here you can create a new product group and see your existing ones.

2. Create a new Product Group

  1. Click the '+ Create Product Group' if it is your first time setting up a product group or
  2. Click the '+ Add' button to start setting up a product group

3. Set up the Product Group

  1. Select the grouping condition for this product group
  2. Choose to group products based on'Product Name' or'Product Tag'
  3. Fill out the term or select the tag in the text box

4. Save the product group

  1. To save Click 'Save' (the purple button at the top right). This will put the product group into effect.

And that's it!

If you need a video tutorial, here's one

How to Group Product Reviews on Your eCommerce Store

Product grouping allows you to make all Fera widgets (like reviews lists and rating badges) group together social proof for products that match similar attributes.

When to group product reviews

You should consider grouping product reviews if they are:

  • Different variants of the same product
  • A product that functions the same (like baking cups)
  • Seasonal products
  • Out-of-stock item that you've replaces with a better product

Grouping Products - Benefits

Helps customers make better decisions

Grouping products allows customers to see a range of reviews for a product. This will help them make a better decision.

As in the example above, if a customer goes to a baking cup page with no reviews, they might not have enough information to buy.

However, if they see that many similar products have glowing reviews, they are more likely to feel better about their purchasing decision.

Helps improve sales

When you have more reviews, your sales are going to be much better.

After all, 93% of customers will read a review before purchasing a product.

If you have a new style of product, having no reviews might hurt you.

That's why you should utilize product grouping to help show off reviews form similar products!

Wrapping it up

Now you know why product grouping is important, when to use it, and how you can use Fera to make it happen!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us through our chat :)

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