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In this day and age, customer reviews are unquestionably one of the most important elements when shopping online.

Not only can they help you build credibility, but they can also have a major impact on the customer's final decision.

There are multiple techniques that you can use to drive more reviews. From on-site widgets to post-purchase surveys - the possibilities are endless!

But what if we told you email marketing is the easiest and most practical way to drive more reviews to your site?

You wouldn't believe us, right?

Well, just think about it - over 4 billion people worldwide use email.

And most of these users go through their inboxes regularly.

So, whenever you send an email to a customer, chances are - they will see it and potentially read it.

In this blog post, we will discuss the top email marketing techniques you can use to drive more reviews to your store.

Be sure to pay attention to all the points we mention throughout the article.

This way, you’ll fully understand how email marketing can help drive reviews.

So, without any more hesitation - let us jump into the article!

Beautiful, simple reviews for your site

Easily collect, show & grow customer reviews, photos & videos for your business.

Add More Personalization To Your Emails

There are around 320 billion emails sent per day, according to the popular channel Statista!

So, to stand out in your customers inbox, you should add some personalization to your emails.

But, just remember - mentioning your customer’s name or brand isn't enough. You should try to show how much you care about your customers by mentioning the product they bought.

On top of that, you can also add a photo of the product to make the entire email message more appealing.

Adding personalization can do wonders when asking for feedback about their experience.

Customers will be more likely to click on your review request link when they feel special!

Add Personalization

Offer An Incentive

Most customers will leave a review or a testimonial without requesting anything in return.

However, some might need a little motivational boost - incentives.

Beautiful, simple reviews for your site

Easily collect, show & grow customer reviews, photos & videos for your business.

Discounts or loyalty programs are some of the most valuable incentives to customers. They are pretty easy to set up and can be integrated into your email marketing in just a few minutes.

Note: You're only rewarding your customers for leaving a review. This isn't the same as buying reviews!

Offer an Incentive

Make It Easy

Another crucial thing you should do to drive more reviews to your site is to make the whole process incredibly simple, i.e. reduce the number of clicks between viewing the email and writing the review.

All you need to do is write a simple paragraph explaining how their feedback is crucial and place a "Leave A Review" button in the middle.

This way, the customer won't be distracted by anything else and will be more inclined to press it.

Your customers are busy people; so the simpler it is, the easier and better it becomes.

You should definitely check out these review request templates if you want to see a few intriguing review request templates.

It covers several examples that can improve your click-through rate and the overall efficiency of your campaign.

Make Reviewing Easy

Automation Process

But we get multiple orders per day!

We understand. But we’re not saying you have to manually send review requests to all your customers.

That's why we recommend that you should consider automating the entire process using some of Shopify's top product review apps.

Beautiful, simple reviews for your site

Easily collect, show & grow customer reviews, photos & videos for your business.

They are packed with various features and have a seamless integration. You will be able to install them and use them in just a couple of minutes!

Automate Email Marketing

Determine When To Ask

Speaking of automation...

You should also determine when you want to send the review request to your customer.

Finding the perfect time can be incredibly valuable.

Not only do you want to verify that the consumer has received the product, but you should also give them a chance to use it.

Be cautious - the timing will vary depending on the type of services or products you offer.

When to Ask for Reviews

For instance, if you're selling T-shirts, you should give your customers at least a few days (after receiving their order) before sending a review request. This way, they will be able to try it out and see whether they are satisfied with the shirt's quality, fit, etc.

However, if you're selling products like shampoo or conditioner, you might want to give your customers more time. You should wait at least one week or maybe even two.

Products like electronics may require longer periods (at least one month). By doing this, your customers will be capable of writing an informed review about the product.

Just remember, try to make the timing perfect.

If you wait too long, you might miss the window when your consumer would most likely respond to the request.

Test Your Campaigns

Last, you should test your review request emails.

This way, you will understand what kind of messaging works the best for your customers and how it looks on their end.

You can test different segments, including the email's subject line, the total word count, the style of your email, and the CTA button.

The entire procedure of mixing your product reviews with your current email campaign can be quite challenging.

But, the outcome can be incredibly rewarding.

So, that's why you should try out new things every day - you never know when things switch up.

Test Your Email Campaigns


It's a fact - customer reviews (whether negative or positive) can have a valuable impact on your business.

With the assistance of these tips, you will be able to gather more reviews through email marketing in literally no time.

If you want to continue your eCommerce journey and read more articles, check out our other articles.

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