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Published by: Lisa Glutting

Traffic is KEY

Many online businesses have done everything right and yet they still fail. That's because a lot of them forget the most important part-driving traffic. You can have the best products, the most beautiful and highly functional site, but without traffic, you won't have people to buy, and without buying you have no sales to sustain your business.

The Downfall of Zero Traffic

Without traffic, you'll be forced to find buyers by discounting your products and creating marketing and advertisements that beg people to buy. This desperation comes across and instead of you sounding like a legit business that knows what it's doing, you sound desperate.

Make Launch Day Successful and Drum Up Support First

Before even launching, you'll want to validate your site and products FIRST. You want to create an audience and support and then when you launch they will be ready to buy. This saves you time taking photos of your products, writing blurbs and getting your site ready and just hoping an audience will appear on launch day. You can have a 'coming soon' page on your site that collects user emails or has them sign up to be notified when you officially launch. Create campaigns that people can and will want to share. You can have hashtags, and Instagram posts to tweet and share on different social platforms. Having a story and getting it out, there can help you a lot and it only takes a bit of effort before the official launch day.

Drumming Up Support for Launch Day

Maybe you have a huge social media spread, or you're great at paid advertising channels, or you're already a part of the niche group you're selling products to. Use your widgets so that you're putting the least amount of effort in to get the largest return. Figure out your distribution channels and how you'll get your business out there. Maybe you use Reddit to share your products, or maybe your userbase is more likely to be on Instagram. Figure out the channels and what the traffic is like as well as the CTR and conversion %. Knowing this, you can understand how much effort to put into which channels, and which are most effective for your business.

The Snowball Effect

Having the word of your business and products out there and strong social proof will help you thrive on launch day. You'll have some business, and some sales hopefully come through. While it may not be massive, it will help you understand your audience and see what drives them away. Maybe your cart and checkout experience aren't optimized, or you don't have enough or good shipping options. Once you have sales, you can ask your customers for reviews, or to share their purchases on social media for a chance to win prizes. Use these avenues to continue to share your business, brand and products online to further your reach. Happy customers will share their experience and market your products to their friends for you.

What are you waiting for?

> 90% of shoppers see reviews before buying. Make sure what they see gets them to a YES.

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