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In this day and age, everything is becoming digital - even shopping.

But, since customers can't examine your products in real life, they generally rely on reviews and ratings from others.

Because of growing demands, many individuals have decided to create their own product review sites where they can focus on providing honest opinions about different products.

Beautiful, simple reviews for your site

Easily collect, show & grow customer reviews, photos & videos for your business.

Most of the time, they perform the whole product review process themselves. Sometimes they get so big they hire professionals to perform product reviews for them.

This format of reviewing and recommending products is highly particular to specific industries, such as travel, technology or gadgets, beauty, and food.

Still, in general, it can be adapted to any product offering.

In today's post, we will be looking at some of the best product review bloggers you can find on the internet so that you can reach out to them to review your products!

Let's jump in!

1. Top Pet Bloggers

Lisa Taron (Pet Blog Lady)

Lisa Taron (Pet Blog Lady)
(Photo Credit: Pet Blog Lady)

Next up on our list is Lisa Taron, a professional animal blogger, and supporter of unwanted pets.

She shares her love for pets through a website called "Pet Blog Lady."

All of her blog posts are incredibly enjoyable to read and have valuable information.

Besides pets, Lisa is a woman of many talents, including kid's book illustration and singing.

The entire blog is mainly focused on reviewing various products and services for animals. You can find a ton of different giveaways and promotions.

In terms of collaboration, you can contact her through this link.

Roxanne Hawn (Champion Of My Heart)

Roxanne Hawn (Champion Of My Heart)
(Photo Credit: Champion Of My Heart)

Roxanne released her first post about Lilly (her lovely canine) in April 2007.

After continuous posting, she has raised the standards and grabbed every pet lover's attention.

Now, Champion Of My Heart has thousands of visitors regularly and has achieved several big rewards.

You can cooperate with Roxanne here.

Katy and Shell (Pretty Fluffy)

Katy and Shell Pet Bloggers
(Photo Credit: Pretty Fluffy)

Katy and Shell are two mums obsessed with their pets - Ziggy and Sunny; both live in Australia and have seven dog beds around their home.

Their blog, Pretty Fluffy, covers pet-friendly product reviews and some essential tips & tricks.

You can communicate with them through their social media platforms or directly through email.

Rachael & Kevin Sando (My Dog Likes)

Rachael & Kevin Sando - My Dog Likes
(Photo Credit: My Dog Likes)

Reacheal and Kevin Sando sure love to write about dogs.

My Dog Likes is mainly designed for pet enthusiasts looking to find the best products for their furry friends.

In this particular blog, you can track down various product reviews, care tips, and travel guides.

You can reach out to both editors here.

2. Top Technology Bloggers

Michael R Aulia (Craving Tech)

Michael R Aulia - Craving Tech
(Photo Credit: Michael Aulia)

Michael has an enormous passion for technology and gaming. He started his blog, Craving Tech, in early 2007.

His primary audience comes from the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

Throughout the last few years, Michael has reviewed many products from top-tier brands like Logitech, Adobe, Samsung, Kingston, Philips, and many more.

Want your brand to be one of them? Then, just get in communication with Michael right here.

Michael Sheehan (High Tech Dad)

Michael Sheehan - High Tech Dad
(Photo Credit: High Tech Dad)

Michael Sheehan, AKA “High Tech Dad,” has been writing about technology for many years. He mainly offers product reviews and focuses on creating how-tos and fix-its articles.

During the past few years, Sheehan has been an ambassador for many popular brands worldwide.

He holds a high level of transparency and mainly works alone to write the best content possible.

You can easily communicate with him through this link.

Alex Hernandez (Techaeris)

Alex Hernandez - Techaeris
(Photo Credit: Techaeris)

After writing for other blogs, Alex Hernandez felt he needed to branch out independently and release his potential.

In 2013, he created Techaeris - a mainstream technology website focused on providing honest product reviews and helpful guidance articles.

You will be able to cooperate with Alex via email.

Ankur Shukla (Internet Reviewer)

Ankur Shukla - Internet Reviewer
(Photo Credit: Internet Reviewer)

Ankur Shukla is an online marketer and web developer that loves turning ideas into profitable ventures and helping clients solve tedious problems using up-to-date tech.

His website, Internet Reviewer, covers software products and training courses, and it has featured offers and deals.

Want to be a part of the site? Then, be sure to submit a contact form here.

3. Top Beauty Bloggers

Jasmine Stewart (Jasmine Talks Beauty)

Jasmine Stewart - Jasmine Talks Beauty
(Photo Credit: Jasmine Talks Beauty)

Jasmine is a talented blogger that's obsessed with beauty. She posts around 2 to 3 articles per week and has a content schedule.

Good-quality pictures, honest reviews, and classy design - these are all the words that can better describe her blog Jasmine Talks About Beauty.

You can find her on social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and even Pinterest.

For any business inquiries, you can go here.

Sabrina (the beauty look book)

Sabrina - The beauty look book
(Photo Credit: the beauty look book)

Sabrina is focused on discovering new lines and products for her makeup routine.

She tests out each product and shares an honest opinion on her own website blog, “the beauty look book.”

The blog has thousands of visitors regularly. You can reach out to her through mail or social media.

Jeannine Morris Lombardi (Jeannine Morris)

Jeannine Morris Lombardi
(Photo Credit: Jeannine Morris)

As an expert, Jeannine tries to inspire its audience to live a healthy life while offering informational beauty, skincare, and health tips.

She is highly passionate about her writing and has worked with several venerable brands such as Hears, Time Inc, Conde Nast, and L’oreal.

Jeannine focuses on practicing yoga, volunteering at animal shelters, and spending time with her family in her free time.

For any professional work, you can contact Jeannine here.

Mateja Koby (Mateja’s Beauty Blog)

Mateja Koby - Mateja’s Beauty Blog
(Photo Credit: Mateja Koby)

Mateja Koby, the founder of Mateja’s Beauty Blog, is a beauty blogger with curly, thick hair that’s here to help people find the most suitable products for their requirements.

Her regular makeup routine includes black eyeliner, eyeshadows, toned blushes, and matte lipsticks.

She is pretty active on all social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and even Pinterest.

You can learn more about Mateja on her blog page.

Karen (Makeup & Beauty)

Karen - Makeup & Beauty
(Photo Credit: Makeup & Beauty)

Karen is a professional beauty blogger that is filled with a high level of energy and dedication.

She started her blog, Makeup & Beauty, a few years ago and gained significant attention from all beauty lovers worldwide.

The site contains detailed videos presenting different kinds of products, including mascaras, eyeliners, nail polishes, and many more.

You can read more information about Karen at this link.

4. Top Travel Bloggers

Ana Silva O'Reilly (Mrs.O Around The World)

Ana Silva O'Reilly - Mrs.O Around The World
(Photo credit: Mrs. O Around The World)

Originally from Portugal, Ana Silva O'Reilly is permanently located in Oxfordshire, UK. She loves traveling around the globe and exploring new places.

That's why she created "Mrs. O Around The World" - a leading luxury travel and lifestyle blog focused on providing individuals with stunning destinations and great insights.

The blog has thousands of unique visitors per month and a massive audience on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

If you're interested in working with Mrs.O, you should get in touch with her.

Eden (Mint Notion)

Eden - Mint Notion
(Photo credit: Mint Notion)

Are you traveling under a strict budget?

Don’t worry because Eden can surely give you the most helpful advice for your next adventure.

She created Mint Notion in 2014 to empower people who want to travel to different places but don’t have their money under control.

You can contact Eden via email or Facebook.

Caroline (Caroline in The City)

Caroline - Caroline in The City
(Photo credit: Caroline in The City)

After going through many destinations, Caroline has decided to create her travel blog, “Caroline in The City.”

In the blog, Caroline offers excellent advice on finding suitable accommodations so that you can begin your travel journey as fast as possible.

She also shares great products you must include in your luggage before you start traveling.

To get in touch, just go to this page.

Pierre Blake (PIERREBLAKE)

Pierre Blake
(Photo credit: PIERREBLAKE)

Pierre Blake is a travel blogger that loves the sense of luxury.

He loves to inspire people to travel around the globe and get a better understanding of different nationalities.

Throughout his life, Pierre has achieved several big achievements in travel blogging.

From Canada to France, there isn’t a place that Pierre hasn’t been to.

If you want to get in contact, you must fill out a short form.

5. Top Book Bloggers

Jamie Miller (Perpetual Page Turner)

Jamie Miller - Perpetual Page Turner
(Photo Credit: Perpetual Page Turner)

Jamie is like that one special friend that gives book recommendations weekly - isn't that awesome?

Over the years, she has increased her knowledge of books and finally announced her new blog, Perpetual Page Turner.

Besides reading books, she also loves traveling, eating desserts, and drinking coffee.

If you want to get into contact, then just go to this link.

Yuri Rose (Bookswept)

Yuri Rose - Bookswept
(Photo Credit: Bookswept)

Yuri brings a level of creativity to book reviews by presenting them through profound quotes and unique images.

She started her blog Bookswept a few years ago and has acquired thousands of daily readers in just a short period.

You can get in touch with Yuri here.

Dallas Smith (Cozy Critiques)

Dallas Smith - Cozy Critiques
(Photo Credit: Cozy Critiques)

Dallas Smith is a popular blogger and social media influencer.

She is incredibly passionate about books and shares honest reviews on her Cozy Critiques blog.

What’s more interesting is that Dallas loves animals as well, and she has an 18-year tortie and a 3-year ginger.

You can work with her by going through this application process.

6. Top Automotive Bloggers

Kelly Stumpe (The Car Mom)

Kelly Stumpe - The Car Mom
(Photo Credit: The Car Mom)

Kelly Stumpe has been in the automotive industry for a long period of time; her family owns several car dealerships in Saint Louis and has a big reputation in that niche.

Kelly’s first car is the “Hyundai Santa Fe,” while her dream car is the superior “Mercedes G-Wagen.”

She initially started her career as a customer advisor at BMW.

However, fast-moving forward, Kelly started her own blog that’s named “The Car Mom Official.”

By using this blog, Kelly is capable of sharing all of her resources and knowledge with all the others.

If you're interested in collaboration, just communicate with her through this link.

Fred Alvrez (Drive Life)

Fred Alvrez - Drive Life
(Photo Credit: Drive Life)

For over 25 years, Fred Alvrez has written many blogs for popular automotive newspapers and magazines.

He owned a variety of vehicles, including a Chrysler Limousine Coupe, a Dodge Ram, a 2016 Dodge Challenger, and many more.

Fred is the main editor of Drive Life - a popular car magazine that does car reviews and projects.

You can work with them through this link.

Tara Weingarten (Vroom Girls)

Tara Weingarten - Vroom Girls
(Photo Credit: Vroom Girls)

Tara Weingarten is a globally recognized automotive journalist with years of experience in this area.

She owns her blog, "Vroom Girls,” which covers weekly reviews on new car vehicles and SUVs.

Tara is also a graduate of top-performance racing schools, including BMW’s M Performance School, Maserati’s Advanced Driving School, and Ferrari's Driving School.

You can contact her through her official email address.

Mike Schlee (Auto Guide)

Mike Schlee - Auto Guide
(Photo Credit: Auto Guide)

Even when he was a baby, Mike Schlee has always shared a love for automobiles.

He grew up around auto parts businesses and has pursued a career as a professional journalist.

He worked with many popular blogs and won several significant awards. Currently, he's the main editor of the “Auto Guide” channel.

For any collaborations, make sure to contact the site through this link.

7. Top Toys and Games Bloggers

Julia and Mat Colbron (Tell Me Baby)

Julia and Mat Colbron - Tell Me Baby
(Photo Credit: Tell Me Baby)

Coming from Australia, Julia, and Mat Colbron are here to help every new parent with easy guidance and tips

Their blog, Tell My Baby, has grown into a powerful community and has thousands of readers on a regular day.

You can learn more about the blog and contact the authors at this link.

Meg Collins (Lucie’s List)

Meg Collins - Lucie’s List
(Photo Credit: Lucie's List)

Meg went to Georgia Tech and got a degree in Industrial Engineering. But she never wanted to do that.

She primarily worked as a Real Estate advisor, but after the massive crash in 2008, Meg decided to pursue her dream work - advising other parents with daily content and email newsletters.

That’s where she created her blog, “Lucie’s List.”

You can get more information at this link.

Vicky Smith (The Mummy Bubble)

Vicky Smith - The Mummy Bubble
(Photo Credit: The Mummy Bubble)

Vicky Smith is an experienced blog writer and mother of 2 beautiful girls.

She lives in the South East part of England and enjoys traveling, eating food, and watching exciting TV shows.

Her blog, The Mummy Bubble, is aimed to provide unique toy reviews to help parents find the most suitable option for their child.

For any professional inquiries, then just contact Vicky here.


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