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Imagine this; you have a nice site going along, a lot of traffic coming in, and multiple orders per day.

But, one day, you hear about a metric called AOV (average order value). You immediately go to your dashboard and notice that your AOV is fairly low when compared to other competitors.

You may think, 'That's not so bad, is it?'

Well, it actually is!

In eCommerce, brands need every competitive advantage they can get.

By placing your focus on AOV, you will be able to deliver personalized shopping experiences for each consumer.

In this post, we will cover some of the best Wix apps that you can use to boost your average order value.

Be sure to keep on reading until the end - this way, you won't miss out on any vital information.

So, without wasting your time, let's jump straight into the official breakdown!

Best Wix Apps to Boost Average Order Value

1. AppSell

AppSell - Upsell & Cross Sell 4.9 stars with 100+ reviews

Upselling and cross-selling - these are the words that can help you boost your average order value and improve your profits. And - one of the best apps for this is AppSell - Upsell & Cross Sell.

It features universal theme compatibility and easy-to-use functionalities.


Why You Need AppSell - Upsell & Cross Sell:

  • Increase your AOV by offering intriguing pre & post-purchase offers and discounts
  • Allow your shoppers to purchase similar products with just one simple click
  • Customize your funnels and match them with the style of your website

AppSell - Upsell & Cross Sell Pricing:

  • Basic Plan ($11.95/month) - Up to 7,500 monthly visitors and all of the essential features.
  • Advanced Plan ($19.95/month) - Around 15,000 monthly visitors and most of the premium features.
  • Grow Plan ($39.95/month) - Over 50,000 monthly visitors and all of the premium features.
  • Tiger Plan ($63.95/month) - Around 150,000 monthly visitors and all the top-tier features.

Type Of Wix Stores AppSell - Upsell & Cross Sell Is Best For:

Users that want to instantly increase their average order value.

2. Fera

Fera Reviews 4.9 stars with 1,600+ reviews

Fera Reviews is, without question, one of the most important apps on the whole Wix App Market. Not only can it help you build trust among potential customers, but it can also improve your AOV.

Fera Wix

Why You Need Fera Reviews:

  • Customize your widgets and switch automated reviews for the best experience
  • Import and manage all sorts of customer reviews on your store (text, photo, and video)
  • Offer special incentives to customers like discounts, points, or cash rewards

Fera Reviews Pricing:

  • Free Bundle (Free) - 10 review requisitions on a monthly basis and 1 live widget.
  • Startup Bundle ($9/month) - 100 review requisitions on a monthly basis and 3 live widgets
  • Small Bundle ($29/month) - 1,000 review requisitions on a monthly basis and 10 live widgets.
  • Medium Bundle ($99/month) - 10,000 review requisitions on a monthly basis and 20 live widgets.

Note: There are a few major packages as well. If you're really interested in viewing all the pricing plans, then you should certainly consider visiting Fera's pricing page.

Type Of Wix Stores Fera Reviews Is Best For:

It's ideal for users that want to collect and showcase their reviews in the most appealing way possible.

3. Popify

Popify Sales 4.9 stars with 220+ reviews

Want to make your consumers add more products to their carts? Well, you should really consider creating some kind of promotional deals.

Popify Sales is here to make that happen through the power of pop-ups and discounts.


Why You Need Popify Sales:

  • Employ pre-built pop-ups templates for any kind of event in your store
  • Customize each campaign per your business requirements and preferences
  • Let consumers know that your product is in demand by creating urgency

Popify Sales Pricing:

  • Starter Plan ($14.95 per month) - Unlimited pop-ups, up to 10,000 unique visitors, custom design + full templates, and special push notifications.
  • Growth Plan ($24.95 per month) - Unlimited pop-ups, up to 20,000 unique visitors, premium customization + full templates, and abandoned cart push notifications.
  • Advanced Plan ($49.95 per month) - Unlimited pop-ups, up to 50,000 unique visitors, cart recovery + all premium functionalities, and primary support.

Type Of Wix Stores Popify Sales Is Best For:

Suitable for stores that want to boost their AOV through pop-ups and discounts.

4. Jivio

Jivio Live Chat 4.7 stars with 62+ reviews

With the assistance of the Jivio Live Chat app, you will be able to access all of your communication channels from one convenient dashboard.

The entire application has a ton of features and comes with several integrations.

Jivio Wix

Why You Need Jivio Live Chat:

  • Get in communication with all your visitors and stimulate them to purchase more items
  • Conveniently manage all of your customers with the help of the built-in CRM function
  • Connect your personal phone number to make or receive calls in the app itself

Jivio Live Chat Pricing:

  • Basic Version ($0 per month) - Unlimited chats and websites, customizable chat, agent apps, customer support, chat history, essential CRM functions, and team chats.
  • Professional Version ($19 per month) - All the benefits of the "Basic" version + unlimited chat history, smart triggers, canned responses with an automatic helper, chat transfer between agents, and chatbots.

Type Of Wix Stores Jivio Live Chat Is Best For:

Suitable for businesses that want to enhance the relationship with their shoppers.


WEB-STAT Currency Converter 4.6 stars with 63+ reviews

WEB-STAT Currency Converter will help you create a more personalized shopping experience for your customers - thus, boosting your overall AOV. The app supports over 160 circulating world currencies and has a seamless operation.

Web Stat

Why You Need WEB-STAT Currency Converter:

  • It automatically detects the local currency of the visitor in just a few seconds
  • You can add a manual converter or a full automatic one (depending on your needs)
  • The text blends in with the current font of your website without a problem

WEB-STAT Currency Converter Pricing:

  • Free Plan (Free) - You will gain access to the classic version of the convertor, currency updates, and 24/7 support.
  • Premium Plan ($3.95/month) - Premium styles, auto-detect target currency, default starting amount, and 24/7 priority support.
  • Pro Plan ($4.95/month) - Fully automated, all of the functionalities included, and 24/7 premium support.

Type Of Wix Stores WEB-STAT Currency Converter Is Best For:

Primarily suitable for businesses that have customers from all over the world.

6. Riiwards

Riiwards Birthday & Loyalty Club 4.4 stars with 59+ reviews

Did you know - consumers who use loyalty program points spend 39% more than regular shoppers. Well, that's entirely true. And, guess what?

Riiwards has the perfect app for your business.


Why You Need Riiwards Birthday & Loyalty Club:

  • Create a special loyalty program on your store and allow users to sign up
  • Send automated rewards to your customers and increase your average order value
  • Track your campaigns to see how everything is going along with your business

Riiwards Birthday & Loyalty Club Pricing:

  • Free Plan (Free) - Reward up to 100 customers, automated options, and an in-depth customer list.
  • Premium Plan ($9 per month) - Around 1,000 customers, 5,000 signups, mobile dashboard, and all of the basic features.
  • Pro Plan ($19 per month) - Over 2,500 customers and access to all of the functionalities.
  • Power Plan ($29 per month) - Over 5,000 customers and access to all of the functionalities.

Type Of Wix Stores Riiwards Birthday & Loyalty Club Is Best For:

The app is perfectly suitable for any type of online Wix store.

7. Presto-Changeo

Presto-Changeo Bundles 4.8 stars with 16+ reviews

With the assistance of Presto-Changeo Bundles, you will be able to group several products into one and increase your average order value in absolutely no time.

The app works seamlessly with most Wix themes and has easy functionality.

Presto Changeo

Why You Need Presto-Changeo Bundles:

  • Motivate consumers to spend more by presenting discounts on bundled products
  • Automatically keep your entire inventory up to date with one simple click
  • Boost your current sales and take your company to another level

Presto-Changeo Bundles Pricing:

  • Unlimited Plan ($6.99/month) - With this package, you will gain unlimited access to all of the main functions.

Type Of Wix Stores Presto-Changeo Bundles Is Best For:

Businesses that want to sell multiple variants at a specific price tag.

8. Zotabox

Zotabox 20+ Promotional Sales Tools 5.0 stars with 4+ reviews

With Zotabox you get 20+ promotional tools to increase your sales and get more subscribers. Their package includes multiple popups, banners, countdown timers, coupons, forms and live chat to connect with your customers.

Why You Need Zotabox 20+ Promotional Sales Tools:

  • Get 20+ promotional tools in one package. 
  • Won’t slow down your website.
  • Integrated with 20+ email marketing services like Mailchimp to grow your email list

Zotabox Pricing:

  • Starter Plan ($12.99 per month) - All tools included in the package. Up to 5,000 website visits a month.
  • Express Plan ($29.99 per month) - All tools included in the package. Up to 25,000 website visits a month.
  • Platinum Plan ($79.99 per month) - All tools included in the package. Up to 150,000 website visits a month.
  • Custom plans available on request.

Type Of Wix Stores Zotabox Is Best For:

Suitable for any ecommerce businesses that want to increase their AOV and have more loyal customers.


Improving your AOV is a fast way to increase profits and maximize marketing expenses. The apps we mentioned above are incredibly helpful and can make things a lot smoother for you.

There's no doubt about it, you will be able to find the ideal one for your site in no time.

Want to read more about the best apps for your Wix store?

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*All information is based on the Wix app store listings as of January 2023.

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