You need solid eCommerce product listings for your store to be successful.

Consumers are buying more online than they ever have, taking advantage of great products, good prices, and a wide selection. While selling online is profitable and successful, it can also be frustrating when you’re not reaching the number of customers you need to grow your business. This is where having great eCommerce product listings will become one of your most important marketing strategies.

Putting the right words on your product page will help you sell quickly to your target customers. Words carry a lot of power and when it comes to selling online, it’s words that are going to convince people to take action and buy what you’re selling.

Use Buyer Psychology Effectively

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Marketing strategy is about knowing how to use psychology in your listings. Effectively using words can create a persuasive copy that compels consumers to buy. Make sure you take all these points into consideration:

Work With Consumer Emotions

People will buy depending on how your eCommerce product listing makes them feel. Ways to achieve good feelings are by evoking memories, writing about family, and inspiring with dreams for the future.

It’s All About The Facts

Buyers want to know the facts about the products they’re buying. Include as much information as you can about your product through testimonials, studies, stats and even a technical breakdown of how it works, if applicable.

Make Sure To Solve Buyer Concerns

Your listings should provide solutions to consumers’ concerns. Focus on the one thing your product or service can do to benefit buyers or solve a problem.

Talk About Pricing

Without being the focal point of your eCommerce product listings, talk about pricing, especially promotions or deals. Using different coloured font can direct a buyer’s attention to special sales.

How to Write Listings That Sell

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To write eCommerce product listings that sell your products or services you need to follow a few golden marketing rules:

Write Ahead, Post Later

It’s wise to write listings ahead of time, making sure they have all the elements of a great listing. Wait to post until the time is right. Posting after 5 p.m. ensures that most consumers are home from work. And posting on weekends means consumers have more time to spend shopping online.

Be Bold With Headlines

The headline or title is the first thing buyers will read when they see your listing. This is your one chance to make an impact and make them want to read the rest of the listing. Using 40 to 80 characters, write attention-grabbing headlines.

Describe What You’re Selling

Provide well-written descriptions for each of your eCommerce product listings. Use adjectives that enhance what you’re selling, staying away from boring words such as “good” or “nice” and using “high-calibre” or “state-of-the-art” instead.

Sell With Visuals

Adding images and videos increases your chances of making a sale. Consumers want visuals when deciding if a product is right for them.

Look for Inspiration

Find out what your competition and other industry sectors are doing to promote more online sales. Use this inspiration to make your online listing even more effective.

Make Your Text Stand Out

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You can write the best online listing, but if the text doesn’t stand out, it won’t matter. Consumers want easy to read listings that use a font and design that is easy on the eyes. Here’s how to achieve readable listings:

  • Create a professional design.
  • Use sleek font – Arial or Verdana are good choices.
  • Choose sans serif font, which is easier to read.
  • Use a larger font for headlines.

Don’t underestimate the value of your online eCommerce product listings. Writing successful listings that catch the attention of buyers is what will get you those sales. Use the guidelines here to write listings that are engaging, credible, clear, and concise.

To save these listing tips or to view them in a visual format, check out the visual guide below from ForSaleByOwner. This is originally for houses, but the wisdom translates very well to eCommerce stores!

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